Kualitee 3.0 is a tool for the next generation, equipped with a higher level of intelligent features to counter new and emerging challenges. Challenge without a risk of failure, is no challenge at all. That is why Kualitee 3.0 promises a challenge-free experience for optimal results enabled by seamless integration with existing tools. You can now manage your requirements, view defects, and execute multiple functions across the system simultaneously with ease.

With much anticipation and a new outlook to its features, Kualitee 3.0 is ready for launch in the world of technology. An interface that is loaded with convenience, tools offering better organization, and management with ease and class, set your enterprise on the way to quality.

Powerful Dashboards

Having trouble getting quick updates on project statuses? Kualitee 3.0’s powerful and interactive dashboard overviews ongoing projects and provides all the relevant data and statistics so you can overlook with ease and focus on what matters. You won’t have to depend on anyone to get important updates. Simply login and view updated status reports, test scenarios, test cases, bug reports, etc.

Test Management Tool

Ever used a tool that is sophisticated yet easy to use? Wait till you get your hands on Kualitee 3.0, a tool that is specifically designed to cover all your simple and complex test management requirements effortlessly. Taking convenience to the next level, Kualitee 3.0 simplifies the test management process, from making a detailed test plan to the execution of test cases. It saves both your effort and time of creating new test cases by reusing the existing test cases in your regression cycles. You can save your work in PDF, Word, and use it whenever needed.

Requirement Planning

Kualitee lets you conveniently associate your test scenarios and test cases with your project's requirements in just a few clicks. Once they’re pushed for execution, you can get updates for every minuscule bit of information, all thanks to easy traceability. With a bird-eye view of everything in action, you can see which requirements test cases have passed, which ones have failed, and which ones are good to go for deployment. Get rid of sharing project requirements with team members individually. Sync them on Kualitee and ease up.

Defect Management Tool

Identifying bugs is not a challenge, but managing, tracking, and organizing them all in a single place is. Kualitee takes this challenge head on and uses an information-rich format that provides clarity by consolidating your activities and configurations in one place. Record, manage, and track all your testing efforts seamlessly in a highly-productive user interface and hold access to all your projects at your fingertips.

Task Management

Managing tasks becomes easier than ever, all thanks to Kualitee 3.0. It is your bridge from silo to cohesion, keeping you informed about the progress every step of the way during the development lifecycle. Along with enhancing the communication and transparency, it promotes sprint planning and iterative development, helping your team to organize work in the most efficient way. Quit worrying about missing project deadlines when your team is over-committed on the workload. Kualitee 3.0 slices work into stages and utilizes burndown and velocity reports to improve your team’s focus.