Selenium is an open source, flexible suite comprising of different software tools that facilitate automated testing of web applications, browsers, operating systems, and programming languages. With Selenium WebDriver API, you can easily execute your test cases in any supported programming language that you desire.

Now, you can use Selenium WebDriver with Kualitee’s automation framework for maximum benefits without switching applications. What this means is that you can use Selenium easily through Kualitee, making your test automation results accessible to all team members, including developers.



Even though testers today are more technically equipped, test automation framework implementation remains a developer’s job. With Kualitee-Selenium dynamic duo, you get access to an existing test automation framework to help you address issues including object mapping, time-out handling, reporting and a whole lot more. All you need is to upload your script in Kualitee and run it across any Selenium-supported test environment running on any browser.


  • Download & Install the Kualitee Plugin from Download
  • Integrate your Kualitee Domain from settings with your Selenium account
  • Select Test Case Type automation when creating test case to upload script
  • Execute script from Test Lab

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