Test Case Execution

In test case execution screen, you can execute both your manual and automated test cases. In the listing section you will see test cases associated with build and cycles with which you have created the association. You can directly execute the test cases from the listing

To view the test case detail you can simply click on the test case and pop-up view will open.

Executing Test Case

To execute the test case simple click on execute. To manually execute, simply select the status from the drop down and click on execute. This will update the status of the test case and save the transaction.


When you have marked a test case as failed, the system will ask if you would like to associate a defect with it. Clicking on add defect will ask two options

  • Create defect
  • Attach existing defect



Clicking on create defect will take you to the defect management to create a defect from scratch. Clicking on Attach existing defect, will open a pop to choose the defect from your already created list of defects




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