Improve your Software Testing: Kualitee and Jenkins

software testing

With the Kualitee-Jenkins integration, you can speed up your software testing and test management cycle.

Integration Overview

Jenkins is an open-source CI/CD tool that helps deliver apps faster by introducing automation at different software development stages. It enables developers to continuously integrate changes into the build. Jenkins’ integration with Kualitee speeds up the continuous delivery processes and consequently, the entire test management cycle. You wouldn’t have to juggle different windows, and can get updated on everything in Kualitee.

Key Features

With the Kualitee-Jenkins integration, you can make your testing process a whole lot easier. 

Here are some key features we’d like to highlight. 

With Kualitee-Jenkins,

  • Developers will be able to use Jenkins’ features within Kualitee, while being able to check the status of their builds without having to navigate to Jenkins. 
  • All you have to do is to map a Jenkins’ build upon a Kualitee project, and sync the status of the builds within Kualitee. 

For more details on Kualitee-Jenkins, including how to configure, visit our User Guide.