QA Testing With Ease And Collaboration

High Quality QA Test Case Management Tool

For all your QA testing needs, Kualitee is the answer, standing as a complete ALM-based QA testing tool. Kualitee helps you keep track of QA progress, project health, and other updates. It also focuses on managing multiple projects and issue management, including in-depth analysis.

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Something for the QA Engineers

QA engineers often miss out on important details due to immense pressure and time constraints, and that is where Kualitee fills the gap. It is the ideal tool for QA managers, making QA management easy. Kualitee allows for collaboration between remote teams, test case generation and management, reporting manual and automated testing, assigning tasks to testers, and more. Its latest and ingenious integrations, multipurpose and user-customized dashboard, real-time updates, insights, and metrics make project management easier and help teams identify problems and resolve them collaboratively.

Control the Way Test Cases Go About

Imperative tasks of QA Testing Software are dealt with ease, including test case design & execution, unlimited attachments of multiple formats, and linking test cases with defect reports. Test case association with requirements and builds, as well as traceability of the test case failure or modification are handled with ease and precision.

Direct Test Executions as You See Fit

A powerful quality assurance testing tool that improves how teams collaborate for test execution and keeps the process smooth and glitch-free. With Kualitee, you can execute multiple test cycles in parallel, reuse test cases, and generate execution reports effortlessly to ease the QA testing software process.


  • What is QA in testing?
    QA in testing stands for Quality Assurance. It refers to the process of ensuring that software products meet customer requirements and are free from defects. This process involves conducting testing, creating and maintaining quality standards, and implementing quality controls to improve the software development process.
  • What are QA tools?
    QA tools serve the purpose of automating and streamlining the testing process. They can include test management tools, defect tracking tools, automation testing tools, and performance testing tools. Kualitee is an all-in-one software testing tool that capitalizes on its QA capabilities.
  • What is test management in QA?
    Test management in QA refers to the process of managing the testing process; this covers various steps, including planning, reporting and test execution. The comprehensive process involves creating test plans, defining test cases, executing tests, tracking defects, and generating reports. Kualitee offers detailed test management capabilities to help QA and development teams streamline their testing process.

Smarter Ways to Do More with QA Management Software

Choose Kualitee as your QA test case management tool and let it meet all your software testing needs with the right set of integrated tools, taking complications out of QA management. With third-party integrations like JIRA, Selenium, Gitlab, among other tools, Kualitee seamlessly embeds test management in SDLC workflow, making collaboration simple, extensive reporting, and simplified ALM solutions for better testing.


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