Build Management

Track Changes Easily With Build Management Software

Are you tired of manually managing builds and dependencies in your software development process?  

Kualitee’s build management features help you streamline your build process. Kualitee allows you to automate your builds without hassle; this involves a simple process of tracking changes in order to release high quality software.  

Software Build Management 

If you don’t have a proper build management system in place, software development can become cumbersome. Kualitee’s build management features simplify the software development process, thus making it easier to manage builds and changes.  

Kualitee serves as a comprehensive build management software that integrates with continuous integration tools. This ensures a streamlined and efficient development pipeline, allowing for seamless collaboration and rapid delivery of high-quality software.

Track Changes Easily During Build Management 

Tracking changes in your build process has never been easier. With Kualitee’s build management, you can neatly document and organize all tracked changes. Our tool integrates with other popular software testing tools and frameworks; these integrations serve the purpose of speeding up the process of running automated tests and ensuring that your builds are of good quality. 

Link Bugs and Test Execution to Build (Test Run Should be Test Execution) 

Kualitee’s build features make it simple to link bugs and test executions to builds. This serves the purpose of ensuring that the issues are tracked and resolved in the appropriate build and that all necessary tests are executed during the build process.  

Orchestrate Test Execution on Build 

You can specify which tests should be executed during each build and automate the execution of those tests. This makes it easy to identify any issues before the build is released.  

Explore Kualitee’s advanced suite, including state-of-the-art software build tools for comprehensive control over your development workflow.

  • What is Build Management?
    Build management refers to the process of automating the building, testing, and deployment of software applications. Kualitee's Build Management features can be run on several different platforms, play a key role in integrations, and provides real-time status updates.
  • Why is Build Management Important?
    Build Management is an important process in software development, that helps QA teams ensure that builds are delivered on time and with no compromise on quality. With Kualitee's Build Management features, QA and software teams can streamline the build process and focus on developing high-quality software products.
  • What is a Build in SDLC?
    A build is an important part of the process in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which includes planning, designing, developing, testing, and deploying software applications. With Kualitee's build features, software teams can enhance the quality and speed of their software development process, hence facilitating the deployment of software applications.