EdTech Customer Accelerates Testing with Kualitee


In EdTech, delivering high-quality educational experiences hinges on efficient testing processes. One leading EdTech organization, entrusted with empowering learners globally, faced challenges with their manual QA system. This case study explores how Kualitee’s integration transformed their testing approach, resulting in notable improvements in efficiency and speed.


The EdTech company’s reliance on manual test case management in spreadsheets proved cumbersome. Updating test cases, tracking defects, and generating reports were time-consuming tasks. Also, managing test cycles and generating reports weekly and monthly was a laborious process. Release testing and generating closing reports were equally inefficient, hindering timely project deliveries.


To address these inefficiencies and streamline their testing processes, the EdTech company implemented Kualitee. Their goals included establishing a single source for managing and organizing test cases, eliminating manual updates and version control issues; streamlining the process of reporting and resolving defects for improved quality control; generating insightful reports with minimal effort through user-friendly dashboards, facilitating efficient test cycle creation to streamline the testing process; and integrating Kualitee with their existing Git repository for a smooth flow between development and testing phases.


Kualitee’s use transformed the EdTech company’s testing efficiency. Test case execution times plummeted by a staggering 53%, thanks to the intuitive interface and automated workflows. Imagine a testing cycle that previously took 10 days now being completed in just under 5 days – that’s the kind of efficiency boost Kualitee delivered, freeing up valuable resources for other critical tasks.

Beyond the dramatic reduction in execution time, Kualitee’s centralized platform streamlined the entire testing process. User-friendly features facilitated efficient test cycle creation, execution, and report generation. Weekly report generation times were slashed by animpressive 40%, allowing teams to spend less time compiling reports and more time analyzing data and making informed decisions. This translates to a significant increase in team productivity and focus on core testing activities.

Kualitee’s impact wasn’t limited to faster execution and reporting. The seamless integration with GitHub further enhanced collaboration by enabling effortless issue and data synchronization between development and testing teams. This resulted in a 25% reduction in defect resolution time, as development teams were able to quickly identify and address issues flagged during testing.


Kualitee replaced the need for manual test case management in spreadsheets, offering a centralized and efficient system. The seamless integration with GitHub enhanced collaboration between development and testing teams, ensuring a smooth flow from code commits to defect identification and resolution. The EdTech company’s success story exemplifies how Kualitee plays a key role in organizations to achieve their testing goals and deliver high quality educational experiences.