Kualitee now represents a set of capabilities that you would not have enough of. From a robust and interactive interface to high end integration with JIRA, read through the features to find out what makes us different.



Kualitee as a software test management solution enables Integrations with third party apps for continuous delivery and syncing of any issues. Now log, track and modify issues and view live testing dashboards with defects, test creation, execution and requirements metrics in Kualitee.


Multiple Test Cycles

Kualitee gives you the control to run multiple cycles using same test cases or adding new test cases in order to mature the application.


Configurable Profiles

Kualitee allows you to configure profiles by creating roles with certain set of privileges that are provided to keep users under specific job roles.


Interactive Dashboard

Kualitee dashboard is now more robust and functional than before visually rich and option to filter out the most important information right in-front of you.


Customized Reports

A Customized report module for users to minimize the time and effort to archive your Test and Bug reports which can be readily be available for your team as well.


Flexible Notifications

With more control to the user, Kualitee gives you the chance to choose whom to send notification emails as a result of activities performed in Kualitee

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Make bug reporting fun

Now Report bugs straight from your application & Device with Kualitee’s SDK. Making it easier for testers to identify and report defects with feedback on critical issues with an easy to use interface. The SDK can be used in both live and beta testing environments. Just fill out the defect details and upload them directly to your project on Kualitee.

This feature is available on Pro, Silver and Gold Plans

To get started, download the SDK for your iOS & Android devices from settings by logging into Kualitee. Read More

Pricing and Plans

Our price options have got something for everyone! Check them out and smile!



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