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Defect Management Tool 

Kualitee offers hassle free, smooth bug management that lets you log and capture bugs while executing an ongoing test with its issue tracking tool. Our defect management platform provides you with a powerful solution to carry out your defect management tasks effectively. It offers an intuitive interface that allows you to easily manage defects and streamline your entire QA process.  

Kualitee’s bug tracking software lets you easily identify and manage defects in your software development lifecycle, ensuring a seamless workflow and optimized project outcome. 

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Best Bug Tracking Software 

Kualitee serves as the best bug tracking tool with the most effective defect tracking capabilities. Kualitee’s bug tracking software enables you to log and capture bugs while executing an ongoing test with its issue tracking tool.  

The bugs are categorized. This is crucial to smooth business flow as each bug has a different impact on the flow of operations. With categorization into relevant categories, the bugs can be subjected to appropriate test suites. Bug tracking in software testing is made much simpler. 

Defect Tracking System for Testing Teams

Kualitee’s defect tracking system is the optimal platform for testing teams. Testing tasks are prioritized according to urgency and severity, which makes the entire process smooth and keeps the workflow streamlined. You can also add description, action, status, date and other details against each bug on its information rich format. This Defect Management tool also gives the liberty to add or delete a defect at any given time.  

A history of all test suites lets you trace any defect right to its test cases of the previous cases as well. It means a complete overview of the in-progress project is always at hand, during its testing life cycle. 

Seamless Integration

Kualitee offers seamless integration with third-party defect tracking tools which gives you the liberty to continue using tools you are familiar with, while utilizing Kualitee’s issue tracking features. The easy-to-use interface does not require specialized training and does not alienate you from the tools you are already using.


Kualitee ensures effective collaboration between teams and stakeholders for identification and resolution of defects during the testing life cycle. The comment thread maintains a log of the entire history of each bug which liberates you from individually buzzing the testers or other relevant persons each time an issue arises.

Real-time Solutions

While dealing with testing solutions, timing is crucial not only in maintaining the quality of the product but also in meeting deadlines. To ensure that, Kualitee provides real-time testing solutions which ensures the product delivery on time.

Key Features
Information Rich Format

The information rich format enlists everything regarding the defects on an interactive dashboard. It makes tracking the defects easier thus keeping the workflow smooth.

Create Custom Defect Reports

This feature allows users to create personalized reports that cater to their specific testing needs, providing greater flexibility and control over the testing process.

Flexible Reporting

With Kualitee’s flexible reporting, you can log all defects irrespective of the modules and test cycles. This log helps you make use of the defects repetitively instead of creating new ones repeatedly.

  • What is meant by Defect Management?
    Defect Management refers to the process of identifying, tracking, managing, and resolving defects in software development. It helps ensure the quality of the software product, reduces the number of defects in the software, and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Why is Defect Management important?
    Defect Management is important because it helps software teams establish that their products are of good quality, meet customer standards/requirements, and are delivered on time and within budget. Effective defect management can help reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • What factors should you consider when selecting Bug Tracking Software?
    When choosing Bug Tracking Software, you should consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, integration with other tools, reporting capabilities, security, and customer support. Kualitee provides all the above, to facilitate your defect management process.