Kualitee vs. Redmine

Kualitee: more than just a project management tool

Are you looking for a tool that is not confined to Project Management and does much more than just bug management? While Redmine serves as an issue tracking tool, it falls short of offering some much-needed test management functions. Alternatively, Kualitee offers project, defect, as well as test management services, with add-on features at an affordable price. Have a look at the comparison chart below to see for yourself:

Test Case Management
Test Case Execution
Imports Data and Issues
Agile Reporting
Bug/Defect Management
Mobile App
Issue Tracking
Testers have been using Redmine for issue tracking since a long time, but the tool comes with some restrictions. These missing features are covered by Kualitee--that offers test management, defect management, as well as project management, along with with other essential features.


Test Case Management tool

Kualitee facilitates development and execution of end-to-end test plans and test cases. You can re-use test cases to run multiple regression cycles, depending on the need. The customizable controls allow you to create test reports, attach templates, and save your files in whatever format you desire.

Shake a Bug (SDK)

Kualitee's Shake a Bug (SDK) feature helps users report for bugs or defects as soon as detected. This is particularly helpful for mobile app testers, who can create their own beta environment to change and report the bugs anywhere, anytime. Simply shake your phone and report important feedback from the stakeholders in a short time.


Kualitee integrates with powerful CI tools including JIRA, Jenkins, Redmine and BitBucket Pipelines. These collaborations further support Kualitee in agile bug reporting, proper test execution, as well as an accurate product release.

Agile Reporting

Through Kualitee’s powerful agile reporting feature, you can bring every team member of a project on the same page. The customized and flexible reporting secures the project managers from the future dilemmas about decision-making. This way each related person on board knows the progress of the test cases, what improvements they need, and can gauge product success.

Kualitee Mobile App

Kualitee offers its own mobile app to help testers continue managing their testing activities without any hindrances. Through the app, you can view test projects on the Dashboard, make changes, approve/disapprove test cases, and reproduce bugs the same way as you do in the web version.