Kualitee vs. TestRail

Add more value to your test management with Kualitee | Kualitee tool capabilities

Searching for the Test Management tool that is best-suited for you is a challenge that most testing teams and companies have to face. With such a large range of software solutions available out there, it is important to know which features are crucial for your business process and which applications offer them. Hence, choosing the right QA software is crucial. When it comes to embracing modern agile testing methodologies and driving seamless user experience, Kualitee steps ahead.

The following comparison chart will help us understand the ways by which Kualitee outcompetes TestRail:

Test Case Management
Defect Management
Project Customization
Custom Bug Report
Issue Tracking
Mobile App
Custom Roles
TestRail is a useful test management tool. However, Kualitee has more to offer; it is a full suite test management application that offers a bunch of value-added features to further streamline QA testing activities, and prioritize user experience in test management tools.


Issue Tracking

Kualitee has an information rich format that lets testers add in multiple test cases and pull out any issues. Testers can also ensure the reusability of issues without recreating any new entities or modules.

Shake a Bug (SDK)

The SDK, or Shake a Bug, feature facilitates mobile app testers to report bugs and issues directly from your phone with a simple shake gesture. Create your own live environments and manage your test cases your own way with complete freedom.

Kualitee Mobile App

No matter where you are, in a bus, train, or vacationing on a cruise, simply connect to the internet and begin managing your test cases using Kualitee’s mobile app. Gather a quick status of every activity anytime you desire.

Defect Management

Call it bug, defect, or issue management, Kualitee capably renders complicated SDLC and QA related tasks. The information-rich format allows you to report and track defects easily through its interactive dashboard, while the Jira integration assists in creating customized bug reports.

Custom Test and Reports

Kualitee allows you to generate your own test and bug reports. Many testing teams and project managers face difficulties while trying to create reports individually. But with Kualitee, it’s different. You can make custom reports with the completion of every test cycle. Kualitee's flexible test management tool customization lets you modify testing workflows and reports for exceptional precision.