Solutions by Workflow

Powerful Test Case Management Tool

Kualitee offers robust test management that empowers testing teams (including QA testers, developers, and managers) to effectively create and manage test cases, collaborate smoothly with team members, and stay updated with their testing activities. Testing teams can streamline all their testing activities within a single platform.

Defect Management Tool

Kualitee has a built-in defect management system that lets you log and capture bugs while executing an ongoing test with its issue tracking tool. You will be able to track, capture and log bugs without hassle. The defect management feature is flexible enough to be used alongside the testing process or as an independent issue tracking tool.

Project Management Tool

A solid project management module in testing contributes significantly to the outcome of any project, particularly in regard to integration and coordination. Kualitee is equipped with a robust project management module that facilitates testing teams. You can efficiently handle all your software releases, iterations, sprints and modules, while ensuring timely delivery.

Build Management

Kualitee’s build management features simplify the software development process by assisting you in streamlining your build process and making it easier to manage builds and changes. With Kualitee, you can automate your builds effortlessly, track changes smoothly during build management, and link bugs and test executions to builds.

Requirement Management

Being agile helps teams to develop better-quality products, quicker. A key principle of agile is to organize all teamwork around small requirements. Kualitee helps maintain this focus on testing requirements through its Requirement Management module. It offers flexibility to import existing requirements or create new ones directly within Kualitee. Link test cases and defects with requirements for complete traceability.

Integrations by Workflow

Kualitee offers seamless integrations with several powerful software testing and project management tools, which help teams to streamline their workflows and sync data easily. These integrations foster a faster and improved testing experience. Manage your releases and collaborate with your teams without missing out on any critical aspects.

Release Management

Kualitee makes it easy to manage multiple releases in parallel without any disruptions in the process. You can create separate builds within the Build module and then associate test cases and defects with their respective builds, for a more streamlined and organized process. You can execute, report and manage all required tasks for any of the builds without hassle.

Collaborative Test Design

Kualitee, with close focus on teamwork, recognizes that testing is a collaborative effort. It includes several QA best practices to ensure efficient workflows. Test cases created by testers are reviewed and approved by test managers. Test cycles can be assigned to testers for clear work distribution across teams. Testers are able to assign defects directly to developers, streamlining the process. Custom notifications can be set up to inform everyone about task completion promptly upon completion, ensuring effective communication throughout the testing process.