Create Project in Kualitee

Create your project in less than a second by simply defining your project type and environment.

Team Management: Adding and Assigning users to project

Team Management lets you add users to your workplace and assign them to a project of your choice

Create Build and Modules

Define your test builds in Kualitee and associated feature sets in the form of modules for better traceability and test suites grouping.

Requirement Management

Create or import your requirements and associate corresponding Test Scenarios and Test Cases.

Test Management: Creating Scenarios

Creating Test Scenarios lets you differentiate your test cases.

Test Management: Creating Test Cases

Provide summary and expected results for your test cases with a breakdown of steps. Customize the form as per need by adding more fields and options.

Test Lab

Define your test cycles and do all your functional and regression testing inside Kualitee. Mark executions for both your manual and automated testing.

Defect Management: Creating Defects

Create defects and assign them to your developer for fixing inside Kualitee. The information-rich format makes sure no information is left out for the developer to reproduce the issue.

Link defects with a failed test case

You can optionally link defects with a failed test case. All the videos and images can be attached to the defect. This provides complete traceability to the test case and the actual requirement.

Task Management: Kanban Boards, Board View

Create, assign and manage tasks in the task management module. The kanban boards also provide a holistic view of your tasks

Generating Custom Reports

Generate custom tests, bugs, and test execution reports. Once generated can also be exported in a format of your choice

Settings: Integration

Integrate Kualitee with the tools that you love. Choose from a wide array of options available in settings or use APIs to integrate with tools that not listed.

Settings: Roles

The role module allows you to configure and restrict the access and permissions of individual users and groups.

Automation: Upload Report

You can upload a report with all your test cases and their status, which have been executed before. This will create all the test cases for you and also define some bugs in the case of the test cases having failed somewhere.

Automation: Modular Scripting

This integration allows you to write the script once and then Kualitee will manage the execution of the test case and you will be able to see whether the execution has passed or not.

Automation API Integration

This versatile integration can be added to any framework that is not available within Kualitee. If you integrate our API’s in your framework, you can have your test cases reflect in runtime according to the execution.

Cypress – Automation API Integration

This is how you can integrate your Cypress framework with Kualitee.SHOW LESS