Kualitee vs Spreadsheet


A few years back when there were less tools or none at all, testers depended on spreadsheets for test management purposes. Now, with QA world progressing at lightning speed, the demand for resourceful tools is growing tremendously. Hence, your business model cannot simply rely on an outdated interface when the competition is getting fierce every minute. Let’s quickly compare Spreadsheets with Kualitee to understand what’s a keep and what needs to be cut loose.

Test Case Management
Test Case Execution
Role Based Access
Test Execution Reporting
Basic Reporting
Task Management
Defect Management/Issue Tracking
Custom Defect/Test Report
You can use spreadsheets for test management requirements, but the downside is that it cannot serve as a proper Test Management Tool with added facilities like issue tracking and defect management. So, don’t kill your productivity any further and use Kualitee to help you with more in less.

Why Preffer KUALITEE

Test Case Management tool

Kualitee is an Agile tool designed to cater to multiple test management activities. Test Case Management is Kualitee’s topmost service that helps testers create, maintain, log, and execute test cases with lightning speed.

Issue Tracking

Kualitee allows testers to track any possible issues or defects using information rich format and the interactive dashboard. These defects, also associated with the referenced test cases, can easily be tracked back and forth within the cycles.

User-Friendly Controls

Kualitee has been built with the focus on delivering user-friendly interface that is simple, easy-to-use, and comprehensible. Every team member can login and gain access to the controls according to the permissions they are granted with.

Project/ Resource Management

With Kualitee, you can begin with your own testing project and design it according to your business requirements right from the scratch. Define the most adaptable test environment for your project and manage roles as well as resources to meet your objectives and needs.

Custom Defect / Test Report

Kualitee allows testers to produce separate test reports after the completion of each test cycle. The extensive test reporting in Kualitee lets testers oversee maximum test coverage, modules, references, matrix, and status, etc. While the custom defect reporting saves the testing team from any last hour disasters by keeping them away from reproducing bugs and modules.

Flexible Towards Foreign Resources

Kualitee is by-default a flexible entity that welcomes outside resources, plugins, issues, data, and applications without any hindrance. Any issue can be imported easily to help you streamline the testing workflow without delaying the project delivery.