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Test effectively and simultaneously across the system with our test management tool. This tool lets you integrate various systems to detect defects, report bugs and execute multiple functions all at once to ensure a smooth experience. From object mapping to time-out handling, deployments to browser-free enablement, setting up CI Server or auto-syncing issues, testers venture through these tasks easily with Kualitee.

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Integration Managed

Kualitee integrates with top-ranking tools to deal with testing needs of testers.

  • Kualitee is a test management tool that is automated by Selenium.
  • Simply incorporate input-driven scripts with test cases for processing with minimum human intervention.
  • Selenium executes cases for automation directly on its platform.
  • Automated test cases approved by Selenium are delivered to Kualitee.
  • Integration that supports Python and C# programming languages.
  • Execution and custom test reports can be generated in customized formats of your choice on automated scenarios.
  • Deploying code without needing to setup a CI server
  • JIRA integration mapping allows creating issues and label them
  • Helps you keep QA and Dev teams in loop at all times.

Kualitee’s Seamless Integrations Lets you:

Kualitees’s seamless third-party integration helps you perform a variety of tasks from syncing issues to custom reports, from quick releases to continuous deliveries with the most powerful CI tools. It’s a meaningful experience for you in the making.

Quick Releases
Custom Reports
Custom Notifications
Team Collaboration
Continuous Delivery
Sync Issues

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