Kualitee vs. PractiTest

Enhance your test management experience with Kualitee

Both Kualitee and PractiTest are commonly used test management tools. Kualitee shines in areas such as having a powerful dashboard, project management module, and requirement planning features. A general overview comparing features of both tools is given below, to help you make the right decision in choosing a testing tool suited to your needs.

Requirement management
E2E Traceability
Issue Tracking
Test case management
Security certifications – ISO27001, SOC1/2, GDPR
Mobile app
Calendar management
Test Automation
24/7 Live Support
Reporting / Analytics
Test Tracking
Collaboration Tools
Test cases export
Both Kualitee and PractiTest are powerful test management tools. Kualitee also has its own mobile app and Calendar Management feature.


Kualitee Mobile App

Kualitee offers its own mobile app to help testers continue managing their testing activities without any hindrances. Through the app, you can view test projects on the Dashboard, make changes, approve/disapprove test cases, and reproduce bugs the same way as you do in the web version.

Shake a Bug (SDK)

Kualitee's Shake a Bug (SDK) feature helps users report for bugs or defects as soon as detected. This is particularly helpful for mobile app testers, who can create their own beta environment to change and report the bugs anywhere, anytime. Simply shake your phone and report important feedback from the stakeholders in a short time.

Defect Management

Call it bug, defect, or issue management, Kualitee capably renders complicated SDLC and QA related tasks. The information-rich format allows you to report and track defects easily through its interactive dashboard, while the Jira integration assists in creating customized bug reports.