A Telecom Leader Chooses Kualitee for Testing Excellence


Telecom Testing Excellence – Robust Test Management is a game-changer in the fast-moving field of telecommunications. Recognizing this, a leading telecom company made a strategic move by choosing Kualitee to streamline its testing activities. Notably, they replaced their previous ALM tool, valuing Kualitee’s superior capabilities.

Challenge – Telecom Testing Excellence

Bulk test case uploads, complete traceability, and seamless integration with Jira and Bitbucket were the key requirements for a new Test Management solution. Their existing system, however, presented a challenge. It was complex and cumbersome to use.

Solution – Telecom Testing Excellence

The company chose Kualitee to address the above challenges.

Undeterred by the complexity, Kualitee designed a tailored migration plan. Critical modules like test cases, executions, associated artifacts, and defects for a specific domain were migrated smoothly, ensuring minimal disruption despite the complexity of their system. Kualitee’s features aligned well with the customer’s needs; bulk test case uploads, traceability, and seamless Jira and Bitbucket integration were readily available.

Conclusion – Telecom Testing Excellence

Kualitee continues to be a driving force behind the company’s testing efficiency and project visibility. Test coverage and efficiency have skyrocketed by over 82%, while effective and timely reporting has increased by a whopping 91%. Overall quality processes have also seen a significant improvement of 88%.

The Kualitee Impact

Through its engagement with Kualitee, the telecom company has witnessed a significant shift in its testing approach. Streamlined management, comprehensive reporting, and a dedication to quality make Kualitee the ideal partner for driving quality advancements and achieving operational excellence.