Kualitee and Jira: A Powerful Duo

Kualitee and Jira
  • Posted By: admin
  • Posted On: April 5, 2022

It’s 2022. Welcome to the era in which technology is tightly interwoven into every aspect of our lives. Long gone are the days of managing our tasks manually, thanks to the influx of testing tools in the market. One thing this means is that when choosing your test management software, you’ve got options—a lot of them. 

While it can get hard to choose, we are here to make these decisions easier for you. After all, we are all about making things simpler. 

Deciding between two or more good testing tools can be tough, we get it. That is why we offer you an option to integrate two of the tools that you are already familiar with, and enjoy: Kualitee and Jira

Integration Overview: 

Jira, a product of Atlassian, is an issue and project tracking tool. It is a common choice among agile teams seeking to manage, organize and track team activities. Kualitee, another hot favourite amongst tech aficionados, integrates with Jira to give you the best of both tools. As a result, these two powerful test management tools combine to offer a two-way integration like no other, consequently allowing both tools to send and receive real time updates as they happen. 

Key Feature: 

With the combination of Kualitee and Jira, there’s a lot you can do. 

Let us highlight a few features: 

Upon integration of both the tools, you will be able to: 

  • Create and update your defects either in Kualitee or Jira 
  • Integrate your stories with your requirements in the Kualitee module 
  • Synchronize all issues in both tools via the two-way sync feature 
  • Create issues and stories from Kualitee inside Jira as per the demand of the task 

Moreover, this integration is super easy to set up and configure—helping you get started right away. After all, why would we want to waste any time in assisting you in your quest to ace your testing projects? 

For more details on Kualitee-Jira, including how to configure, visit our User Guide.