Continuous Testing – Ultimate Solution for Software Failures

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  • Posted On: May 24, 2019

Software failures have cost millions to different companies in the United States of America alone in the past few years. Different companies around the world are ready to invest a huge amount of money just to make sure that their software never faces failures. There are different software testing tools which make sure to make the applications and software secure. However, even after software testing, some software face failures anyway. This happens due to several factors. Some of the reasons for software failures are as follow:

  • Misreading a bug as non-reproducible
  • Inability to reproduce a bug and launch of the product without managing the bug
  • Miscommunication between the testing team and developers, etc.

The real question is how to overcome these problems once and for all? There are many practices which testers use to make sure that software works at its best. However, continuous testing is emerging as the undisputed solution for effective and successful software.

Here are the reasons which make us believe that continuous testing is an ultimate solution for software failures:

Increase The Software Delivery Process

Continuous testing is all about real-time testing of the software. It ensures a continuous testing process in which testing and developing teams stay constantly in contact. Not only does it ensure development of high-end quality software product but also makes the software delivery process quick and swift.

Outputs Are Risk-Free

Continuous testing begins at the very early stage of software development. This means that any bug or defect is detected and fixed at the initial stage of its onset. Hence, a fully functional and fail-proof product become easy to produce. Above all, the expected results of a software product are easy to meet with continuous testing than any other type of testing.

Overall Improved Code Quality

Continuous testing is a process in which the code goes through rigorous testing continuously. Therefore, it manages the defects and bugs at their onset. Hence, trustworthy and improved quality code is produced. This enhanced code quality helps the final team to quickly review the code and send it to the final product launch.

Ensures Consistency and Transparency

Continuous testing maintains the same configuration for all the tests. This makes continuous testing a traceable and measurable process. Hence, it ensures the transparency and consistency of the whole process. Imparting transparency to the whole process is very important. Therefore, continuous testing is the ultimate solution to make the whole process crystal clear and defect free.

Higher ROI Drawing

The ultimate goal of any business is drawing an attractive ROI. Since continuous testing reduces the testing time and increases the efficiency of the development cycle, it reduces the risks of financial loss. Above all, the on-time delivery of the product saves a lot of resources of the investor and the testing company. Hence, continuous testing ultimately draws a higher ROI for your business.


The ultimate requirement of any software is smooth and swift workflow. Testing has come a long way to make sure of it. However, we are still far away from absolutely bug-free software and mobile applications. We are progressing with every passing day and continuous testing is a fine example of our speedy progression. Right now, continuous testing is the best and ultimate practice to avoid software failures. Therefore, if you are about to launch a product or you plan to produce software in the future, continuous testing is your ultimate go-to solution towards a successful launch. It ensures that your software works as it is expected to work and there are no pitfalls and shortcomings in the results of the software product.