The Rapid Transformation of Software Testing in The Modern Age

Rapid Transformation of software testing
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  • Posted On: August 17, 2018

The rapid revolutions in the field of software testing and development are not just incredible, but they are also giving developers and testers a tough time in upgrading their skill set accordingly.

Every business organization must be aware of how to gather maximum benefits using the latest technology-based tools and techniques for better user experience.

Changing the old good routine and suddenly becoming habitual to the new technologies does become a challenge for testers, which eventually they overcome.

So, let’s see some of the looming software testing transformations that are rapidly changing the ways testers and other IT experts used to work before:

Open Source Tools for The Future

Open source tools are staying for longer. Multiple businesses will adopt the open-source tools for the accurate execution of software development methodologies commonly known as DevOps, Agile, and Test Automation. And you will also see various support communities become more active about open-source tools adoption.

Digital Transformation All the Way

All the enterprises venturing towards the digital world will be required to cram the whole chapter on digital testing to properly transform into the digital world. Because all the struggle is focused to augment product functionality via testing across various mediums and networks.

Software Testing: Quality at a High Speed

The urge to produce a time-to-market product has evolved a new psalm for the testers – quality at an incredibly high speed. Every stakeholder and corporate head desires to deliver a speedy product to its clients featuring uncompromising quality.

With customer experience being a priority, it is crucial to delivering a quality-perfect product in the most manageable pace.

Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) – the Heroes

SDETs have been silently serving your software testing projects for decades. Their role is way different from traditional testing operations. Now reports suggest that testers will be required to learn SDET responsibilities to be known as a successful tester in the Test Automation grounds, that is expected to become a glory in achieving digital transformation.

BigData – Another Big Factor

Nowadays, the software testing labs are found stacked with a huge amount of BigData that requires a very vigorous and profound BigData Testing strategy. This testing may require highly organizational and analytical tools, methods, and frameworks to serve a digital age that is imminent to grow bigger.

IoT – Will Rule the Roost of Connected Devices

The ever-increasing number of connected devices indicate that businesses will greatly invest in IoT testing before shipping or releasing the product to their users just to assure quality functionality.

IoT devices that lack performance, functionality, security, and user-friendliness will instantly cause the user to abandon the device and leap on another product in competition available in the market.

Hence, it’s time to upgrade every new testing technique to be the part of tremendous software testing transformations!