Test Case Management Tool: The Ultimate Solution for The Testers by The Testers

Test Case Management tool
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  • Posted On: February 19, 2019

A test case is a requirement of the desired results, testing process, implementation conditions and inputs. It plays a significant role in defining one test that needs to be executed to attain a specific testing objective. This encompasses a specific program path or to confirm agreement with a particular requirement.

One of the major difficulties encountered by the testers is managing their test cases. They spend so much of their time in streamlining the processes of their test cases. Hence, very little time is left to actually check the quality of the software. Therefore, realizing its importance, companies are investing a huge sum of investment in purchasing test case management tools.

A test case management tool assists you to create and implement an in-depth test plan, and test cases. You can have the control to utilize and implement test cases as per your requirement. It enables you to select the test cases in the regression cycles. In short, it is an ultimate solution created for the testers by the testers.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting your 4 ways in which a test case management tool helps the testers.

1. It Creates Customizable fields

This feature enables you to customize the fields according to the requirements of the test project. It makes the project, hassle-free. Therefore, if you are utilizing an integrated or third-party data source, an effective test case management tool will offer you a very flexible approach.

2. It Enables Tester to Produce Copies and Save them as Templates

A good test case management tool enables the testers to create copies of their test cases and save them as templates. They can later on use it or reusability purposes. Sometimes, test case writing is considered a repetitive job. Therefore, a test case management enables users to produce test case templates. These can be recalled at the time of test case writing. Therefore, it saves the time of the testers.

3. Enables You to Attach Screenshots of the Test Cases

It empowers the testers to attach important links or screenshots with your Test Cases. In order to improve it, a test case management tool has put this option with all significant fields. It makes the test case understandable and comprehensive.

4. It Creates Test Reports

It plays a significant role in creating comprehensive customized test reports. It assists to keep a track of your test coverage, status, and references etc.


After viewing the discussion above, it can be concluded that a test case management tool plays a significant role in effortlessly managing testing requirements. It enables the testers to create a detailed test plan, write test scenarios, create and develop test cases and implement those test cases. For absolute convenience, testers can reuse the test cases in their regression cycles rather than allocating so much of their time in making a new one. It enables the testers to save their work in PDF and word and use it as per their requirements.