Test Management in DevOps – The Offerings and The Potential

Test_Management in Devops
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  • Posted On: May 30, 2019

DevOps has flourished agile operations and has benefited many organizations around the globe. DevOps opens ways to align business goals with software development. Under agile projects, the team must be ready to take on take on any challenges because DevOps promises to increase the responsive value of the agile projects.

Test management has the great potential to offer when it comes to DevOps. This might seem a very farfetched idea but that is not true. Use of test management in DevOps is completely practical and it has proven to be very beneficial. Almost every software is becoming more efficient every day. However, on the other hand, the process of software development is becoming difficult with every passing day. Therefore, the DevOps team needs the expertise and skill sets of people from different departments of the software team. That’s where test management plays its part.

In this blog, you’ll read about the potential and offerings of test management in DevOps.

Strengthen DevOps

There are several tasks which the DevOps team has to do at the same time. For example, they have to closely monitor the quality of the project and have to make sure of frequent deployments. This can’t be done without the right kind of tools. Test management tools can play an important part to help the DevOps teams achieve the goals of quality and deployments. All you have to do is to get your hands on the high-end quality test case management tools. Kualitee is one fine example of such tools which can produce quality results in DevOps operations. In simple words, test management can strengthen overall DevOps operations.

Improved Operations

Many organizations facilitate automated integrations. However, they can still have problems with testing in DevOps working environment. Therefore, it is important to solve these problems. The expertise of testers is required in such situations. Testers who have experience in test case management can efficiently solve these problems. As a result, the overall DevOps operations can become efficient.

Agile Workflow

According to Capgemini’s “World Quality Report 2015-16”, 29 percent of organizations still struggle with agile testing.  DevOps supports almost all kind of solutions in agile environments. However, test management does the exact same thing in real-time and with better communication. The collaborative features of a test management tool support the agile workflow and make the whole process more efficient. If paired with test management, DevOps can solve all the challenges of end-to-end workflows in agile.

Deliberate and Fast Delivery

Testing is considered as something which is done at the final stage of software development. However, this is not a good practice to carry out. It makes it difficult for the organization to make critical changes in the project. Hence, the process becomes more difficult and time-consuming. This ultimately makes it impossible for the product to meet the set deadlines.

In order to make deliberate and fast product delivery, test management can help. Since it offers real-time testing while supporting agile workflows, it can reduce the delivery time.

Enhanced Quality and Efficient Product

Consistent testing improves the quality of the project. Its importance increases in DevOps operation by manifolds. DevOps teams are constantly under pressure to produce high-quality results in a short period of time. The quick responsiveness of test case management not only helps the team to deliver projects on time but also improves the overall quality of the project.

Test management offers collaboration among the whole team. This collaboration makes sure to utilize the expertise of all the members of the teams. Hence, all the issues and problems in the project are solved with teamwork. It helps to take the pressure off from the DevOps experts and help them focus more on the quality of the project.