Why Use a Test Management Tool for Your Software Testing 


With the advancement of technology and technological functions in this day and age, you could say that using a test management tool has become more of a necessity than an option during your software testing process. This is particularly the case in an agile environment, whereby close collaboration between teams becomes much easier when a test management tool is in use.  

A test management tool allows you and your team to plan, track and execute your testing activities; collaborate with team members; and have stronger and more efficient control over your software testing process. 

Let’s have a look at a few benefits of using a test management tool. 

Visualization with dashboards 

Test management tools come equipped with detailed dashboards that help you visualize all your data at a glance. For instance, depending on the tool you are using and the features it displays on its dashboards, you may be able to see the status of your test cases in the form of a graph, along with details on whether it has been approved, rejected or is pending approval.

Kualitee, a test management tool, is one such comprehensive tool that is equipped with customized dashboards that you can personalize according to your preferences. 

Control all your testing within one tool 

A test management tool usually comes equipped with a wide range of features (e.g. test repositories, defect management, project management, integrations etc.) so you can control all your software testing within a single tool. This eliminates the need to juggle between different applications, thus saving time and effort. Kualitee is a complete ALM solution, with which you can control your entire software lifecycle process with ease and efficiency. 

Reduced repetition of tasks 

With manual testing methods, there are chances of duplicating tasks that have already been carried out by another team member. However, a test management tool reduces this risk as all the history and status of tasks being worked on together can be visible to other team members. This leads to saved time and more efficient management of tasks. 

Assign tasks and track progress 

Test managers can assign tasks to their team members, monitor their performance across different modules, and track progress. You will have an overview of your past testing trends within the testing tool, which will allow you to gauge progress and evaluate the activities of each team member e.g. how many test cases each member has executed.  


You can easily collaborate with your team members and track their activities. Communication and collaboration between team members would not be as smooth and efficient while using any other method, say Excel, which would be much slower than an automated tool that is updating all data amongst all team members in real time. 

Improved quality of software 

Using an automated tool to test your software is a significant factor in ensuring its end quality. The results achieved after testing through a set of controls and an extensive range of offerings are likely to be much more favourable than testing that is done without such a platform. 

Increased productivity 

With easy collaboration, real time reporting, customization options, and other such features, the productivity of team members in QA and dev teams is likely to be largely heightened. Since test management tools are automated, they save time that would have otherwise been spent in doing manual tasks. More productivity leads to heightened team morale, and the result of this is likely to reflect in the quality of the end product.  

Kualitee is a comprehensive test management tool and ALM solution that is fully equipped with all the features you are likely to be looking for in a test and defect management platform. It also offers a free 7-day trial, so you can check it out to see how well it meets your needs.