The Changing Dynamics Of Performance Testing

Performance Testing
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  • Posted On: June 14, 2016

Times have changed from the times they used to be! One wonders how business was managed globally in the past because now it seems impossible to manage it without having interconnectivity across all platforms. Users want things done in seconds, they don’t have time to physically go to a location to shop, thus the need for online shopping sites.

We are left to choose from a wide range of products be it electronic devices, household appliances or apparel. Businesses cannot thrive these days without proper digitization and mobilization. But then the question arises: Are they really prepared to undertake this journey?

Performance testing is the answer to this question. It undertakes to determine the responsiveness of a system under a given load. Online shopping sites should be structured in a way that if too many users want the same thing at the same time, it should be able to withstand the three pillars of mass user access of load, test and volume. It is reported that 57% of users will leave a site if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds.

Since competition is fierce in almost every walk of life, organizations too are in a rush to come up with products that cater to all age groups, culture or religion. Hence accentuating the need for performance testing even more.

The dynamics with which it should work are as follows:

  • Every application that is being rolled out in the market and is catering to users around the clock should be checked thoroughly for its availability and scalability. Users should have access to them whenever they want to: at any given time of the day and night!
  • The app should be reliable so that customers know they won’t be facing any trouble while working on it. It should also be predictable to some extent in order to keep the users interested in it and that they don’t lose their patience.
  • Specialized performance teams should be in place who should have a check and balance approach right from the onset of the project. Performance testers should be given an opportunity to work collaboratively as a team. These specialists can grow in a culture that demands them to be adaptive to changes and transitions. Early identification of errors is the need of the day in order to avoid customer abandonment.
  • New technologies such as the cloud are on the rise making the apps even more vulnerable to defects and errors. This has led to a change in the dynamics with which performance testing works. Testers have to make early on assumptions on the behavioral pattern of the customers and then plan accordingly.
  • Automation comes as a breath of fresh air to the ever evolving technology. In order to have a robust, resilient and secure product out performance testing automation should be well considered.
  • There are a variety of performance tools available in the market. One needs to select them according to the needs and requirements. Their selection can depend on purpose and nature of testing as well your budget and technology allocations.

So in order for businesses to retain their clients and increase their hold on the market, it is critical for them to undergo self-checks by considering the necessity of performance testing first. Availability, reliability, security, scalability and predictability leads you to the road of success!