The Future of Software Testing – A Series Of Blogs

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  • Posted On: March 31, 2017

Let’s take this one topic at a time, this series of the blog will represent some of the future challenges and transformation for software testing trends, such as Virtual Reality, Healthcare, Internet of Things, Cloud, and User Experience journeys.

Considering the fact that we are living in a smart world with all the cool gadgets and technologies flourishing around us, we are experiencing a digital age which the generation before us has never dreamt about and the generation coming next would regard it as the foundation of the world which is still beyond our imagination. As technologists, our unique placement in this journey makes us very important. We are witnessing the future in making, we are actually experiencing the technologies being conceived which will be used in full form by the next generation to come. For this, we need to make sure that our next move should place the pieces right where they are intended to.

Where do testers fit in all this?

As software testers, we should come out of taboos of testing shallow ingredients, graphical representations, and bugs which a user can also spot. We are moving towards a new kind of testing age, where what see as important now will become trivial – testing tools will become smart enough to determine which scripts to run when and where in the application, at what part of the software development stage, you can call it a sprint if you like – no pun intended.

Software testers would be people who journey along with the users, while UX is under the design stage, they will be the people with the vision to pinpoint the hurdles within that journey. Users will hold the key to application integrity and how good they serve the purpose. Testers will think like users but would be critical enough to enhance their skills as per the technologists who can work with multiple roles.

So hold tight, our next blog on this topic will enlighten the charismatic testing of Virtual Reality.