Level Up Your Testing with Kualitee & JIRA’s Enhanced Integration

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  • Posted On: April 23, 2018

Software testing trends are gushing around and every tester is struggling to catch on them. Every plan starts with a thought and ends with a proper and farsighted goal. However, in case of testing, testers have to be more sharp-eyed and calculated about what they plan and what they choose for their software testing and test management processes. It’s more important than words can say!

Although there is an ocean of Test Management Tools available in the market, only a few stands parallel with your testing and business requirements. Kualitee is a complete test management tool, with issue tracking feature, that promises to deliver you the easiest way possible test customization and prioritization without any lags and delays.

While, super-catalyzing integrations with tools like JIRA amplify the testing throughput and generates better outcomes to assure the product’s good reputation in the industry.

Before plunging onto its’ link with JIRA, we first need to understand how would Kualitee levels up your test management, project management, as well as defect management:

Kualitee is an adaptive and versatile Test/Project/Defect/Bug Management Tool that caters user-experience and helps businesses achieve their goals.


This is how:

Test Case Management

Kualitee is an amazing accomplice for testers that are stacked up with a maze of test cases and often get confused regarding managing them. It facilitates testers and QA engineers to create, arrange, schedule, execute, and release test cases without any disconcerting timeouts.

Powerful Dashboard

Kualitee’s powerful dashboard is a highly interactive interface that gives testers the choice to align and manage test cases the way they want them to be. Moreover, they can get a quick status update on the test cases, being run, under process, or completed. They can also view test projects their test cases/ test scenarios with the assistance of information-rich format and get a rapid view of what’s on the board!

Information-Rich Format

Kualitee’s Information Rich Format gives its users the best facility to detect bugs right in front of their screens by simply adding test cases on the powerful dashboard. Besides this, testers can also trace anomalies while the test cases are being run.

But How Does It Level Up Your Testing with JIRA?

Finally, the most important part of the discussion has just begun. How does Kualitee level up or boost your testing and test management activities with JIRA?

You see, JIRA is a popular tool used by various QA teams due to its project management, issue tracking, organizing, and planning abilities. Kualitee’s two-way integration with Jira allows quicker release shipment featured with updated data and continuous delivery.

What more does it feature?

  • Efficiently create, plan, run, release, and customize test cases within Kualitee. Also, Business Analysts can organize and record issues on both tools, this way users can log in any of the two tools and manage the test cases and bugs accordingly. While generating and syncing product pipelines is another major attribute of these two tools working alongside.
  • The integration architecture enables testers to log in and record any bug in the test cases without using any particular testing entity or running any test cycles. The decoupled infrastructure benefits testing team to reuse test cases and defects without reproducing them again and again in a test case.
  • Such a mechanism is ideal for dispersed and remote teams.
  • Auto-sync all the previously and newly detected issues in either source within a matter of few seconds.
  • While the mapping wizard lets you label issues as “bug”, “task”, “epic”, or “story” with Jira.
  • Design custom bug or test execution reports in whatever format you want.
  • Only the admin or the team lead can configure the two-way integration within Kualitee.

Complete your integration process and get ready to enjoy the testing experience you never had lived before.