How Valuable Is Software Testing?

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  • Posted On: July 15, 2016

‘To Err is human, to forgive divine’ is a saying that is quite apt for the software testing business. The whole concept of testing is based upon the idea of finding errors and eliminating bugs from a software before it hits the market. What one needs to take into consideration is the fact that mistakes can be forgiven but can rarely be forgotten. This is where testing comes to your rescue!

Testing forms an extremely important part of the Software development life cycle (SDLC). Traditionally it forms the last stage of the development but in the new age most companies have moved to the Agile workflow testing. This form of testing has reaped some major benefits as it is incorporated into the system right from the beginning. This results in churning out a robust software that does what it needs to do, is error free and above all is a high quality product.

In today’s competitive world, one needs to understand that most successful businesses are customer driven. So it is vital to work according to the requirements of the clients in order to survive in this ever evolving tech world. Testing ensures that the client gets what it asked for in the first place by fixing bugs through and through. Involving testers’ right from the onset of the project is the right move because fixing them later on increases cost as well as take up a lot more effort and time.

Living in an interconnected world, our daily choices are driven by options that demand the necessity of testing. Even if you are ordering a meal in a restaurant, planning a shopping spree at a mall or flying in an airplane to an exotic location. Just imagine getting yogurt instead of Sushi, being stuck in an elevator for hours or be a witness to a turbulent flight. You certainly do not want this? Apart from financial and reputational damage some flaws can even cost lives. An error that can neither be forgiven nor forgotten!

Testing therefore is absolutely necessary to make sure that a product is hundred percent error free before being delivered to the client. When a product is tested repeatedly it is just done so to make sure that there are no glitches in it. It is thoroughly assessed for its efficiency and effectiveness.

The importance of load testing is realized when you are trying to buy something online and the site just doesn’t work. An app that works for one user may not be able to bear the weight of hundreds of users who login at the same time. Thus the need for load testing.

Since there are a lot of operating systems and browsers in the market today, it is important to make sure that all function properly on our phones, tablets and laptops. What other way than to do it by testing on all these multiple devices so that the user is kept happy at all times.

The stress on the value of software testing and its importance for developer and user alike can never be overstated. As Warren Buffet so famously said, Price is what you pay, value is what you get. This value and quality in a software comes from rigorous testing. Once a quality product is delivered, the developer and end user both benefit.

Without software testing there can be no reliable software or end user experience that speaks of quality and consistency. Hence it would not be a stretch to answer the title question with the following resounding truth of the software industry;

‘’ Software testing is invaluable’’