Integrates with Slack

Slack is a popular team collaboration platform that keeps your teams connected and communication streamlined. Kualitee’s integration with Slack brings seamless collaboration to your software testing and quality assurance efforts. This is a one-way integration at the project level, allowing information to flow from Kualitee to Slack channels.


Key Feature

The integration between Kualitee and Slack empowers your teams to stay in-sync. This integration enables automatic updates of Kualitee issues to Slack channels, keeping your teams informed and allowing for swift action without manual intervention.



Configuring the integration between Kualitee and Slack is straightforward, and it requires admin access to both tools. The integration offers flexibility through customizable field mapping.

To Configure:

  • Go to Settings and select Integration from the top bar
  • Go to ‘Create New’ in the external tool integration listing
  • Select Slack tool from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the details of your Slack account
  • Click ‘Save’ button to confirm a successful integration and to start syncing defects from Kualitee to Slack.