On-Prem System Requirements

We recommend adhering to the following list of requirements as a starting point for your installation, which may increase depending on the number of users. Kualitee requires a web server, a SQL based database (MySQL) and a working PHP environment to be installed on the server.

The following PHP extensions are required:

  • mysql PHP extension to access the database
  • curl PHP extension to check for updates etc.
  • json PHP extension for config files and integrations
  • mbstring PHP extension for working with Unicode strings
  • ioncube PHP loader to decode the TestRail PHP files
  • xml PHP extension for xml import/export · zip PHP extension for zipping email attachments

Depending on the operating system and platform, the mysql and curl PHP extensions must be installed (via the platform’s package manager) and activated in the PHP.ini configuration file.

On some systems, these modules also have to be activated in the PHP.ini configuration file (systems such as Ubuntu automatically activate the extensions when they are installed). To do this, please add the following lines to the end of the configuration file (make sure that they aren’t already activated in the PHP.ini).

On most systems you can find the PHP.ini under /etc/php7.4, /etc/php or /etc/php7.4/apache2:

The last required PHP extension is the free ionCube PHP loader. You can download the relevant ionCube edition for your operating system from ionCube’s website. After downloading and extracting the files on your web server, place the files in a directory of your choice, for example /opt/ioncube.

To activate ionCube, add the relevant ionCube loader extension to your PHP.ini. To do this, make sure to use the zend_extension or zend_extension_ts configuration directives and specify the full path to the extension:


If you are using a different PHP version (e.g. PHP 7.4), please make sure to specify the corresponding version of the ionCube loader. For example, for PHP 7.4 you would need to load the ionCube loader as follows instead (note the different version in the file name):


If you are unsure about which ionCube extension you need to activate for your server system, please copy the loader-wizard.php script to your web server directory and access it from your web browser and follow the installation instructions. After installing the extensions, please restart your web server to load the newly installed extensions.

You can verify that the ionCube loader extension has been successfully installed by running php -v. Please note though that the PHP command line interface might use a different configuration file than the PHP version that is used by your web server. Please make sure that ionCube is activated in all relevant PHP.ini configuration files. The ionCube loader extension is successfully installed if php -v outputs something like this (note the ionCube PHP Loader line):

Application Requirement:

  • Database: MySQL 5.7, 8.0
  • Web server: Apache with mod_php or equivalent
  • PHP: 7.4
  • ionCube PHP Loader extension
  • SSL
  • URL assigned to the server for application accessibility,

Hardware requirements:

  • CPU & Cores: 8core
  • Memory: 16GB (Linux)
  • Disk space: 300MB+ per user, in addition to system space. (Overall 512GB)

*** We require 2 servers one for UAT & Prod Env VPN with full access to the servers in order to do the deployment remotely. Once the remote accessibility is given and verified by the Kualitee team the deployment process initiated ***