Terms of Service

Read the following terms and conditions carefully as it intends to build a legal agreement between you (the user) and Kualitatem (the parent company).


This document is compiled to address the users that are bound to follow the legal terms if they are assessing or using the website content or application. Kualitee assures to follow all the cyber laws, privacy policy including export & re-export control laws & regulations and data privacy laws and after reading these regulations you are conformed to entail these legislations as well. If you are not strictly following these lawful conditions, then you must stop using the website or the application immediately.
Kualitee has the authority to review or make alterations in the services or functions of the Software as long as we are compliant with the GDPR regulations without prior notice. The owner has the authority to alter Kualitee’s features, services, packages, and prices without notifying the user.


The website content cannot be copied, recreated, posted, or published to create derivative material without Kualitee’s written permissions and consent to get access to any of the webpage content related to the site for your professional use, personal use, or non-commercial usage. Additionally, you cannot use the content copy to generate any derivative work without our consent or prior approval. allowed to change the content and you are obligated to keep the website intact under the copyright laws and implied terms and conditions. Nonetheless, the lawful agreement remains the same for any downloads, accesses, or any associated usage from the site under propriety rights. All the notices and permission will be granted on the mentioned agreements. If you fail to comply with the legal instructions and notices stated on this web page, we reserve the rights to dismiss all the permissions granted to you without any notification. Following the user right termination policy, you must delete or remove all the downloads or any content copy under your control. You will be left with only a few rights excluding warrants under any copyrights, trademarks, or other patents and intellectual property policies. After that, you won’t be able to see or confront any sort of content from Kualitee’s website or application.


Information delivered on this webpage is not guaranteed and can be revised anytime if required as this site info may contain some technical errors or typos. Kualitee proclaims and shows no strict responsibility at keeping the site content updated or ensured after publishing it. According to these statements, you should authorize all the published information before deciding to make any downloads and use any of the services, tools, or any rights granted in this legal patent related to any services, products, or other matters described in this site. Kualitee does not guarantee its response to every question or difficulty raised even if the company promises to resolve a problem.

Trial Period

After getting registered on the Website, you can use Kualitee on a trial period for a fixed time span without any interventions. Though you will only use the Tool to understand its functions and not for the official and operational uses. Also, during the trial period, Kualitee has the authority to limit the features or Services. After the Trial Period terminates, the features or services will be hindered and the user’s account will be deactivated unless the user decides to continuously use the Tool for a monthly or yearly package based on the number of team members. In case, the user does not provide accurate credit card information or add in a substitute payment method within 15 days after the completion of the Trial Period, Kualitee is capable of automatically terminating the contract without any notices.

Private Information

Kualitee does not look to accept any copyright information from you through its official web site and application. It is important to note that, any information or content delivered to Kualitee will not be considered confidential or sensitive. If you send any sort of information or material to the website, you allow Kualitee an irreversible permit to reproduce, freely use, distribute, transfer, publish, display, or recreate derivatives from the delivered information. After sending the information for any purpose, you automatically agree to let Kualitee reuse any ideas, information, plans, and constructs presented in that material or document. Nevertheless, your name or other information you send on the web site will remain secured unless:
     i.   We ask for your permission to use your identity, or as required by the law
     ii.   We inform you that the information you have submitted to any part of the website will be used or in some case with your name on it.
     iii.   The information you delivered to avail any services or tools will be managed just according to our own legal terms and conditions.

Global Reach and Availability

Kualitee, a product of Kualitatem Inc, information on the World Wide Web network is referenced and co-referenced on the World Wide Web network to provide its services and plans to its tools, products, sources, and plans that are legally not allowed for Kualitatem’s countries of incorporation. These referrals don’t suggest that Kualitee is about to release any of these tools, programs, or products in your state. You can access the local level business contact of the company and acquire them about the referenced services that might be available in your country.

Commercial Connections

This webpage might offer links to other websites and services not associated with Kualitee. However, Kualitatem or its tool are not responsible of representing warranted material or third-party repositories other than Kualitee’s that might be linked to or reachable from our website. Any reference or link to a non-Kualitatem and non-Kualitee website does not approve the material and its usefulness. Furthermore, Kualitee is not responsible for any transactions you may make to an outside party or resource, notwithstanding its connection or link to our website. After reading these statements, you are obliged to agree and follow the terms that Kualitee does not take the responsibility of you connecting or getting information from any third-party resource, tools, services, features, products, programs, or plans referenced to Kualitee. Please note that the website owners will not be liable to answer your queries after you have used any associated but external resource other than Kualitee. For further notice, anytime you reach a non-Kualitee content that might have Kualitee’s logo on it, it is your responsibility to not trust it and understand that it is totally independent from Kualitee’s website, material, tools, services, and software and is totally out of our website or application control or authority. Be aware of any third party resources and take precautionary measures to guard your system from any bugs, worms, viruses, ransoms, Trojan Horses and other threatening entities you would not want to harm your identity. Therefore, think carefully before using any third party resource linked to Kualitatem or Kualitee because it is always unguaranteed and insecure.

Referencing/Linking to this Site

All websites or repositories looking to link with Kualitee must be approved and quality assured, apart from that Kualitee only agrees to link to its website if the link and the webpages associated do not:
     i.   Change the website by using techniques that vary the display or visual representation of the site’s material
     ii.  Misinterpret or misinform your connection with Kualitee while website linking
     iii.  Entail or proclaim that this website endorses or validates your link, your website, or any other product, services or tool
     iv.  Exhibit or present incorrect or misrepresentative image of Kualitatem and Kualitee, or otherwise lose or mutilate the goodness connected to Kualitee and its copyright policies.
In addition, after being allowed to get linked to this website, you are bound to agree that Kualitee can take a decision and dismiss the granted permission to make a link to this website. In any such case, you are restricted to immediately remove and delete all the links allied to this website and stop using Kualitee trademark as soon as possible.

Right to Use

The Customer and the application user is permitted a limited, non-transferable, and non-exclusive, right to use the tool as a provision on the Website under the set out conditions mentioned in this agreement. You as a customer is not allowed any supplementary right to the Software or any related intellectual property of Kualitee. Additionally, you are not granted to generate counterfeits of the Software. User is not allowed to make variations in the patented and copyright notices, important numbers, or other specs that are linked with the Software’s identity. Kualitatem and Kualitee provides no warranties that this Website or application will always remain continuous, well-timed, protected, or error-free. By reading this, you agree that any download you make or any information, services, materials, content, programs, or products you obtain is based on your sole decision which frees Kualitee from taking a responsibility of your system damage, data loss, or any timeouts.

Final Provisos

This agreement constitutes a legislative contract between the customer and the Service provider. The customer can disagree to any of the terms under a 7-day return policy or under 15 days of their trial period, otherwise the disagreement will be deemed to be an error or omission. Further, these Terms and Conditions and Services can be anytime modified by Kualitee. The users will be notified by an email about the new alterations made in the Software without inevitably putting in the changes made.

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