14 Apr, 2020

With modern businesses growing bigger and better, the competition never tends to halt. Hence, it is critically important for businesses to offer quality products to retain its valued clients. We are in a constant struggle to do so and achieve our aim. 

We are pleased to announce that the availability of Kualitee 3.0 is available for all new and existing Kualitee users, with a number of feature improvements. 

The new release of our test management tool includes new features and enhancements in the following areas:

    • Dynamic Dashboard to keep an update on all teams working their respective testing tasks
    • Assignment Requirements for QA managers to assign their test cases and test scenarios
  • Test Cycle Assignment for remote teams to manage their test cycles better
  • User Controls and Notifications to allow assigning tasks to specific testers and notifying updates to all key stakeholders of a project
  • Task Boards for quicker, more convenient and real-time insights into tasks assigned to remote working teams

We have added a few upgrades and some additional features. 

Dynamic Dashboard 

Kualitee offers a powerful and interactive dashboard that provides all information about the current state of project requirements, issues, tests, and test cases. It allows anyone to monitor and see the status of a project without having to ask for updates from the team members.  All you need to do is log in, view the status and perform necessary actions accordingly. 

There are different dashboards available depending on the job role.

Admin –  When an admin logs into the dashboard, he can see all the projects and their overview. It highlights the project health, whether it is critical and requires bugs fixing. Meanwhile, it lists down other projects in which the detection of bugs and bug fixing continue simultaneously. It also includes bugs severity, status of all test cases that were created and executed. 

Test Manager – The dashboard visible for test manager provides a complete trend analysis of all the project defects. It also includes bugs severity, status of all test cases that were created and executed. 

Developer – It lists down the in-tray for developers where most critical bugs of all projects are displayed. It also breaks down the issues, and lists down the total critical bugs of each project including the age of these bugs. 

Tester – The dashboard of a tester is similar to that of a developer. The in-tray includes test cycles assigned to the testers for execution. It also includes the total number of reported bugs and their status. 

Dynamic Dashboard

Assignment Requirements

Kuliatee 3.0 is a test management tool that offers assignment requirements, that critical for QA testers since they need a clear understanding of the requirements to perform the following:

  • Organize their time effectively
  • Clarify the scope and type of research required
  • Ensure that you meet client expectation

Assignment Requirements

Test Cycle Assignment 

Test Cycle Assignment

With Kualitee 3.0, test managers can now assign multiple test cycles for the same test cases and provide an option to add new tests, if required. It helps in managing their test cycles faster and better. 

User Controls and Notifications

We have improved our ‘user roles and duties’ function. It helps managers to create roles and designate them specific privileges to organize the authority. It prevents overlapping of roles and duties. The administrator can allocate resources into the following roles:

  • Admin Tenant
  • Developer Tester
  • Tester 
  • Test Manager 

User Controls and Notifications

Moving on to the notifications section, our test management tool sends out customized emails for all dedicated roles. The alerts are sent to relevant team members when there are changes in an on-going project.  

Task Boards

Task Boards

With Kualitee 3.0, QA managers can rearrange the task boards to show different views in the real-time environment. For instance, in Scrum projects managers often want their teams to depict the task board either by user story or by person.

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