A Saudi Bank Streamlines Testing with Kualitee


Saudi Bank Testing – Imagine reducing your test execution and defect reporting time by 73%! That’s the impressive feat a leading Saudi Arabian bank achieved after implementing Kualitee. But how did they get there? Let’s dive into their story and discover the power of Kualitee for managing tests in the complex fintech domain.

Challenge – Saudi Bank Testing

With the dynamic fintech landscape tossing new regulations and ventures their way, our customer was struggling to manage its test cases efficiently. Spreadsheets and disparate tools led to significant time spent on maintenance, leading to missing requirements and defect leakage, thus hindering smooth operations.

Solution – Saudi Bank Testing

Recognizing the need for a centralized and robust solution, the bank decided to assess Kualitee for integration across all projects. Committed to digital excellence and enhanced issue tracking, they chose Kualitee as their Test Management solution.

Previously, the bank’s testing efforts were bogged down by limited-functionality tools and the chaos of Excel spreadsheets. Kualitatem, the parent company of Kualitee, saw a clear opportunity to improve efficiency and visibility. Integrating Kualitee transformed the bank’s testing processes.

Embracing Kualitee, our banking customer witnessed heightened efficiency and visibility in their testing processes, resulting in discernible improvements in performance metrics.

The numbers speak for themselves! The team’s test execution and defect reporting time reduced by more than 73% and cost reduced by 1/4th.  Hidden costs reduced by 100%.


Streamlined defect tracking, improved thread quality, and enhanced project reporting are just a few of the additional benefits the bank enjoys with Kualitee. The tool facilitates clear communication and alignment between Business, IT, TCoE, and other stakeholders, enabling early defect identification and verification. This proactive approach prevents costly issues like SAMA penalties, rework, and customer dissatisfaction associated with buggy releases. A leading Saudi bank dramatically improved its testing and defect tracking with Kualitee, reducing execution time by 73% and costs significantly. Explore the transformation journey.