Kualitee SDK: Bug Reporting Just Got More Fun

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  • Posted On: February 3, 2017

We are living in very interesting times.

We know this because we are part of it, we love to do what we do, and why we do it every day. Software testing is all about finding bugs, everything else comes in second. A software tester cannot conceive in full existence if she does not know how to discover bugs, the right bugs, the important bugs, and all of the bugs. For this they need the right bug tracking tool and an integrated quality assurance process. They need to have the right tools to make enhance their skills.

Kualitee with its power to manage testing cycle from end-to-end provides the exact essence to make test management activities perfect. We all are aware of the importance of the information, its realm, and why that information is so critical for software project success.

What Is Kualitee SDK?

An SDK or Software Development Kit is a set of software development tools that allows a software application to run on an explicit platform, operating system, or a set of devices. SDK are downloadable codes and integrate with an existing set of software applications.

Recently, Kualitee has integrated Kualitee SDK as an integral feature to its user experience. The reason we found this important for our users is simple; about 90% of them are testers or developers related to the software industry, whereas most of them indirectly belong to software quality assurance but are aware of its critical importance.

With software testers, you will find truly stimulating stories regarding their bug hunting. We know, because we are part of their stories every hour of the day, 365 days a year.

Why We Incorporated SDK?

While testing an application or managing a test project, software testers need to perform several parallel tasks. These tasks may include, test planning, hardware software configuration, team management, build and release management, defect tracking and reporting. Often while performing these tasks, testers come across observations, suggestions and bugs.

If this happens within the execution time of critical test cycles or sprints, then the activity has to be halted and the issues need to be logged, because if testers fail to report this at the time of occurrence, it would be really hard to track these issues later. This has actually turn out to be a problem for testers, because we know that reproducing the bugs is a problem, and finding intermittent bugs is a bigger problem.

Being part of the Quality Assurance industry, we were concerned regarding this problem, so we worked introduced the Kualitee SDK.

What Does Kualitee SDK Do?

Kualitee SDK is an added feature for mobile and tab users who can now report bugs without actually accessing the defect management module. The testers can now log their bugs by simply shaking the device, which activates the “Bug reporting dialogue” and from there they can report this without any hassle, otherwise following a normal process would be to access the project, the defect module, and then report the bug.

Kualitee SDK has eliminated the longer trail of steps and has provided mobile developers, tester & users to a much efficient way to log defects. Now, the moment user uses the shake gesture the application will take the screen shot of the active screen, and from here the user can use the color pallet to write feedback or comment for the highlighted issue. The next step is to log the defect / observation to Kualitee account and pass it forward to the support or to the assignees.

The Kualitee SDK is available for Pro, Silver & Gold plans. You can download Kualitee SDK from here.