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Don't leave the software bugs unattended
manage them better with Kualitee

Defect Management Tool

Kualitee offers quick and simple logging and capturing of bugs. With this bug tracking tool, new bugs can be logged without leaving the test you are executing. It easily categorizes all kind of defects in different types. It is important because each defect type or bug has its own specific workflow according to the business requirements. Therefore, Kualitee helps to ensure that all the defects are logged correctly so that best available test suites can be applied.

You can sort your testing tasks according to their severity. This helps you to focus on priority items first and hence the whole process becomes efficient and testing workflow runs smoothly. This defect management tool lets you add a description, status, action, date, etc., on its information-rich format. You can add or delete or defects at any instance during a project. Moreover, you can find test suites from previous projects as it saves all the previous files for you. It offers power delegatory feature as you can trace defects right back to their test cases. Hence, it gives a complete overview of the “in-process” quality of the project during its testing lifecycle.

Real-time Solutions

On-time product delivery is very important in order to make the product a success. With kualitee offering real-time testing solutions, you can meet your project deadlines and maintain the quality of the product at the same time.


Effective collaboration makes testing fun and smooth. Above all, collaboration reduces all the chances of missing and misreading defects. Kualitee ensures collaboration among different users for identification and resolution of a particular defect. If also has a comment thread for each defect so that the entire history of a bug or defect is always available for all the people working on the same project. This way, you don’t have to ping testers every time you have any queries.

Seamless Integration

If you don’t want to abandon your favorite testing tool, then that’s perfectly all right. Be it JIRA, Redmine, Bugzilla, etc., Kualitee doesn’t bound you when it comes to seamless integrations with top-notch software testing tools. Issue tracking tools requires expertise but with Kualitee easy to use interface, it becomes very easy that you don’t have to gain any specific training to use it.

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Log, import or sync your defects from JIRA in Kualitee’s information rich format.

With custom bug reports never miss out on any key information.

Key features

  • Information Rich Format You can now report and track the defects using information rich format and the interactive dashboard. These defects can be traced back and forth within the cycles and are also associated with the referenced test cases.
  • Create custom defect reports Create custom defect reports take advantage of the two way integration with defect management software like JIRA. You can also use custom fields to make this integration more appropriate under your business context.
  • Jira Integration You can now sync your defects with JIRA with simple setup selection. It is ideal for distributed teams, where the testers and Business Analysts can coordinate with two different tracking tools. The defects / issues created on one platform are logged on the other.
  • Flexible Reporting With its decoupled architecture, you can now log your defects independent of modules and test cycles and use them repetitively. This way the defects does not need to be created again and again in one module or case.

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