Improving Collaboration: Kualitee and Trello

  • Posted By: admin
  • Posted On: April 20, 2022

Kualitee and Trello, two widely used tools for facilitating teamwork and organizing projects, are now integrated—thus adding much more value to your collaboration endeavours and overall project management.  

Managing teams, whether large or small, can get cumbersome. However, with the plethora of features this integration brings, you can take a breather and let these tools take care of most of the work for you. 

Integration Overview: 

Trello is a widely popular application that facilitates teamwork and collaboration—allowing you to manage projects and organize tasks, easily and effectively. Its distinctive features include boards, cards and lists. Kualitee, too, with its own features, offers fast and easy collaboration amongst team members. Kualitee’s integration with Trello allows you to sync integrated board cards through its two-way exclusive integration. You can link your Trello board and its cards with Kualitee; you will be able to create cards on Trello and view them as defects in Kualitee, without having to switch applications for assignment or tracking. 

Key Features: 

While there’s a lot you can do with this integration, let’s highlight a few features. 

With the combination of Trello and Kualitee , you will be able to:  

  • Easily keep your teams in sync.  
  • Log issues with pre-configured mapping between Trello and Kualitee cards.  
  • Sync all cards/defects on both platforms, and sync edited cards/defects.  
  • Add labels, assign cards to users, and be able to navigate to Trello cards by clicking the link from Kualitee Defects details page. 

Moreover, this integration is very simple to set up—so why don’t you get started right away? 

For more details on configuration, please visit our User Guide.