How A Test Case Differs From Test Scenario

Test Case Differs From Test Scenario
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  • Posted On: February 25, 2020

As of today, the advanced digital age calls for quality software applications, for which your testing teams need significant testing efforts. It means they need to focus on test case management which helps in setting the stage for QA teams. It is important to discuss three concepts here: test scenario, test case, and test script. A test scenario is related to the goals users have with an application. A test case explains the discrete activities that comprise the users’ goals. And a test script defines how this discrete activity can be executed. 

We can simply define the process by saying that requirements explain what software needs to perform, the test scenarios confirm the requirements. Tests cases describe how the component pieces of confirming that requirement and test scripts explain how to execute that component piece. Typically, there are a number of test cases per test scenarios that cover a variety of inputs and behaviors. There are usually one or more test scripts per test case. 

What Is A Test Case?

A set of actions performed to verify a specific feature or functionality of a software application is a test case. It contains steps for testing, test data, precondition and postcondition developed to verify any requirement. A test case includes specific variables, which a testing expert uses to compare expected and actual results to determine if an application is functioning as per customer requirements. 

What Is A Test Scenario?

Any functionality of an application that can be tested is known as a test scenario. It includes a set of test cases that helps testing experts to determine the positive and negative side of an application. Software testers get real insights by using test case management to see what they need to test in an application. 

Example of a Test Scenario

A few test scenarios for an eCommerce website would be:

  1. Check the Search functionality
  2. Check the Login functionality
  3. Check the Payment functionality, etc. 

Test Script

A test script is a description of all the actions and data required to perform a test. Typically, a script describes how to use the program and how to perform particular actions. These scripts also include specific results expected at each step. When testers begin a project, they don’t know much about their application. Test scripts can help to bridge this gap. 

A test script is a set of instructions that are performed on a system under test to verify the expected and actual results. Test scripts are used in automated testing and a few scripting languages include JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Perl, Tcl, VBScript, etc. There are a number of test automation tools for generating test, without requiring an actual code. 

Organizations around the globe pay undivided attention to the particulars of software applications, especially its QA process. However, test care proclaims what the software should be able to perform in discrete situations, and constitutes the final word on this matter. Testers assemble these basic units into scenarios, which deliver the expected requirements from software applications. Here, a test case management approach plays a critical role in software testing.