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The ultimate test management solution,
for testers by testers!

Test Management Tool

Defining the scope of testing is very important in order to write test cases. These cases can cover the scope in order to deliver a high-end quality product. Kualitee is a modern test case management tool which lets you write and store both manual and automated test scripts. It also let’s you review the tests and you can also combine the tests into test suites so you can track the whole testing procedure and over all progress of the project. You can do it all in real-time hence, on-time product delivery is ensured with efficient workflow of Kualitee.

You create your test cases easily and quickly with Kualitee. With its powerful and efficient abilities, you can manage, sort and filter your test cases in real-time. You can create test case for manual testing and test scripts for automation testing at the same time because it lets you execute both manual and automated testing at once.

Its powerful dashboard has metrics which show you testing trends and status (e.g. approved or rejected). You can also view stats of the defects arranged in the order of their severity. With its interactive and powerful features, you can design a value hypothesis for your project. Moreover, you can easily measure combination absolute numbers which are metrics for quality assurance. For example, total number of test cases, test cases passed, test cases failed and so on and so forth.

Moreover, you can select the display of a test which is planned for a specific release. This feature of kualitee makes you able to manage your work flow smoothly.

Powerful Export Feature

Kualitee’s export feature allows you to extract data in Excel, Word, and CSV at any time. This feature allows you to manage all the steps of the process professionally. Hence, you can save both time and efforts. Moreover, this test management software allows you to create test scenarios of great diversity in its efficient test management module. Collaboration


Effective communication and smooth collaboration among all the team members of a project is the key to a successful project. Kualitee’s smooth workflow engine lets you review and assign test cases to the testers. It allows the customers to give the feedback and comments on the test cases and hence they can be ready for testing in ideal time.

Flexibility of any test case management software is the measure of its easy usability. Kualitee let’s you include component test cases in the parent requirement and ultimately the parent requirement is upgraded.

With Kualitee, you can write data-driven parameterized test cases. In addition to this, you can run the same test set multiple times even if the combinations of test parameter are different.

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Create detailed Test Scenario’s with build & module association in Kualitee.

Create Test Cases, Copy them or save them as a Template for future use.

With custom reports, create and export test reports in a format of your choice.

Key features

  • Customizable fields You can customize fields as per your test project requirement and with very much less hassle. So if you are using a third party or integrated data source, Kualitee will provide you a flexible approach.
  • Make Copies or Save as Template Make copies of your test cases or save them as a template for re-usability. Test case writing is sometimes a repetitive job, therefore we have allowed users to create test case templates which they can recall at the time of test case writing, and hence save their time.
  • Attachments You can now attach important screenshots or links with your Test Cases. To make it more enhancing, we have put this option with all important fields. It makes the test case comprehensive and understandable.
  • Test Reports Create comprehensive custom test reports in Kualitee and keep track of your test coverage, references and status etc.

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