How to Get Ahead of the Curve in Test Management

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  • Posted On: October 17, 2023

When it comes to test management, you want your team members to be content and have the best performance ever. The last thing you want is to see your teammates stressed, trying to solve all issues the day before releasing the product.

Now, it is essential to keep a smile on your testers’ faces while making sure all the requirements of the software are met. That being said, there should be no testing duplicates and no defects, and all the deadlines of the project should be met.

But how can you get ahead of the curve while managing test cases? Let’s find out!

Start Testing Earlier

Too many testing teams save the testing process for later. However, if you want to succeed and think ahead of current trends, it’s important to do functional testing earlier.

So, as soon as a new feature is added, you should perform some tests. This way, there will be fewer bugs during the process, as well as shorter development cycles. Not to mention that this can also help your teammates save time, while you can get ahead of the competition and release something the audience has never seen before.

Stop Creating the Same Test Cases Over and Over Again

It takes a considerable amount of time to create a test case. There’s a lot of planning and work behind it. So, it is understandable why it can be so frustrating when someone scripts a test case, and then later finds out someone else has already run the same test. It’s a lot of wasted time which can discourage any developer.

Sadly, test duplication is pretty common, but it can be prevented. Consider making a central test case repository for the application you are testing. Then, all team members will have to submit the test cases so that others can check the details and see for themselves whether an issue has already been dealt with or not.

Come Up with a Better QA Strategy

Don’t rely on an outdated strategy. Times are changing, and you must adjust your old strategy according to the current environment. Besides this, make sure it covers your quality goals.

Many QA testers dive into the process thinking of testing every single feature. However, while creating test cases per se is not an issue, too many test suites can provide unreliable results and might be difficult to manage.

With the right strategy, you can beat the competition and make sure you do not end up with low-quality software.

Use a Test Management Tool

Did you know that using test management tools has become the standard for many teams who want to improve their workflow? Due to the quick development changes, many teams are looking to make progress as quickly as possible, so they integrate their testing workflow with test management tools. Consider doing the same to streamline the process and get better results.

Final Thoughts

Getting ahead of the curve in test management can be a challenging endeavor. But with a little bit of planning and a good strategy in place, you can get there. Also, make sure to follow our tips to streamline the process.