Powerful Test Case Management Tool

test case management tool

Test Management Tool: Traceability and Reporting

Kualitee, a powerful test management tool, facilitates testing teams (including QA testers, developers, and managers) to manage their test cases. Collaborate with team members, and automate testing processes without hassle. QA testing teams can create, execute and manage test cases within Kualitee. Eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools for different purposes. Test case creation process can be tough, but Kualitee makes it very simple.

Our test case management software is intuitive and user-friendly, creating an enjoyable and simple test management process, while integrating seamlessly with other tools. Test planning and execution is a breeze. Kualitee is equipped with robust reporting capabilities; QA teams can generate detailed reports on test case execution, defects, and other key metrics.

Kualitee also offers a comprehensive Test Case Library, enabling you to purchase pre-written test cases directly from within the platform.

Streamline Your Testing 

It is a real-time test case management tool that helps in scope of testing which ultimately lightens the load of writing test cases and ensures quality product delivery. Be it workflow, management or filtering, Kualitee keeps track of test cases in an efficient and user-friendly manner, so that testers are not tested again and again. 

With Kualitee, testing teams can easily: 

  • Track progress 
  • Analyze test case execution results 
  • Identify any issues or defects
  • Lighten load of writing test cases 
  • Ensure high-quality delivery on time and within budget 

Customizable Test Case Management System  

We recognize the importance of test case management to the success of any software project. That’s why we’ve designed Kualitee in a way that teams can tailor it to their specific needs. Test case management in Agile workflows is simplified with Kualitee.

Collaborative Test Management for Faster QA Testing

Kualitee offers a testing process management solution with features that facilitate smooth task assignment for QA managers and testers. You can customize testing processes according to specific requirements with real-time flexibility and data-driven test cases with this user friendly test case software.

Improve your testing efficiency further with our intuitive test case management software that seamlessly integrates with Jira test case management and a host of other leading software tools, ensuring comprehensive control and organization in your testing process.

Export Made Easy

With any test case management tool, exporting data and results to your desired format is a challenge. Export your testing data to Excel, Word, and CSV with Kualitee’s export feature in a timely and efficient way.

Manage Together

For any project manager, assigning and assessing tasks of desired testers is a tiresome duty. Kualitee offers smooth, user-friendly, customer-centric, feedback-enabled management of testing processes.

Key Features
Customized Fields

Customize any fields that you require with convenience and ease with Kualitee. With that, you ensure flexibility to third parties or integrated data sources.

Copy or Save Templates

Create templates for test cases and recall templates whenever needed, to save time.


Kualitee offers attachments for various fields. You can easily add the information you think is necessary.

Test Reports

Kualitee helps you create customized test reports to ensure that test coverage, reference and status etc. are up to date.


Kualitee allows users to define and manage requirements for testing, which ensures that the testing process is aligned with project objectives.

Test Scenario

With Kualitee, users can create detailed test scenarios that outline the steps required to validate specific functionality or features of an application.

Test Cases

Kualitee enables users to create and manage test cases, which are designed to evaluate the performance of specific functionality or features of an application.

Test Case Execution – Manual, Rest APIs

Kualitee provides both manual and Rest APIs test case execution, which allows users to perform tests manually or use Rest APIs to automate the testing process.

Automation BDD Framework

Kualitee's automation BDD framework provides an easy and efficient way to automate tests, making it possible for users to quickly identify and resolve issues in their application. If you use modern BDD framework i.e. Allure, Mochawesome or Puppeteer, Kualitee supports these, as well as allowing report base executions.

  • What is a test management tool?
    A test management tool is software designed to help software development teams manage their testing activities throughout the development cycle. Kualitee is a test management tool that provides a centralized platform for organizing and executing tests, tracking defects, and generating reports.
  • Why is test management important?
    Test management is critical to ensuring software quality and successful project delivery. A test management tool like Kualitee enables teams to collaborate effectively, streamline testing processes, identify and track defects, and make data-driven decisions based on test results.
  • What are the types of test management tools?
    There are several types of test management tools, including manual testing tools, automation testing tools, and integrated testing tools that combine manual and automated testing. Kualitee is an integrated testing tool that supports both manual and automated testing, making it a versatile solution for software development teams.