How Test Case Management Increases The Productivity of Your Team?

How Test Case Management Increases The Productivity of Your Team
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  • Posted On: April 30, 2019

There is no denying the fact that test case management highly depends on the overall efficiency and productivity of the testing team. The main reason is that it is a very critical process and the quality of the final product depends on the methodology and the test cases that you are building to run the tests for a particular product. Obviously, the choice of test case management tools also holds grave importance in the whole process.

In order to create a smooth workflow, every company tries to create a structural process which ensures the on-time delivery of the tasks. Due to the predictable nature of the testing, it can be a big challenge for the testing team. Therefore, the maximum productivity and efficiency of the testing team is a must. Here are some of the tips and techniques which enables your testing able to improve the quality and efficiency of their work. These tips will help you to complete the required tasks in the given time frame and increase the overall productivity of your team.

Know When to Start Testing

A very important thing to take into account for flawless testing is to know the importance of starting testing at the very beginning of the project. You must invest in the right kind of test case management tools right from the start. The reason to do this is that if you are relying on a single type of testing for all kind of projects then it will affect the quality of testing. Therefore, you should arrange a diverse test team with specialties in different kinds of testing. This approach will help you to troubleshoot a whole process because the testers will know all about the requirements of the project. For example, a tester will be able to indicate that what is the right time for the testing process for a certain project, what type of a test case should be made, etc.

Equip Your Team

Another important thing, which helps to increase the productivity of the testing team is that you should equip them with the right kind of tools. For a better understanding of this idea, let’s take an example. If your team uses Jira software to manage software management, you must provide them a tool which offers Jira integration. Kualitee is an example of such a tool. Again, this step will improve the work efficiency of the testing team.

Know The Importance of Automated Testing

Without any doubt, automation is getting popular with every passing day and all for the right reasons. When you go for automated testing, it saves the testing team a lot of time and effort. Testing teams can reduce the number of repetitive tasks on the basis of their requirements in the testing cycle. Hence, it will help you to increase your teams’ productivity.

Direct Communication is The Key

In any process, smooth collaboration plays an important role. A tester needs to make test cases according to the requirement of the project and the client. A tester may also need to communicate with other project team members. This is only possible if the tools you are using offer interactive features. This will help you to avoid any delays and misunderstandings in communication.

Focus on The Importance of Domain Knowledge

Software is always created for a targeted domain, for example, transportation, public administration, healthcare, banking, and finance, etc. A tester is not an expert of these domains so to make test cases which fit the targeted domains; a tester should have a decent amount of knowledge. In order to provide reasonable knowledge to the testers, you can conduct training sessions with an expert of the required domain. This will bring out the best in your testing team.


In conclusion, the increased productivity of the testing team will provide you high-end quality results. Therefore, take every practical step to make testing more competent and productive.