Important Elements to Look For In an Issue Tracking Tool

  • Posted By: admin
  • Posted On: May 3, 2019

The issue tracking tool is one of the basic tools used for project management and software development. It’s mainly used for task management, bug tracking, and defect tracking. This is why it is important to select the right tool for issue tracking for the success of your projects. One should always select an issue tracking tool with extreme care.

Here are the main features which you should look for in a tool for issue tracking:

1. Dashboard with Metrics

The quality of a good tool depends a lot on the type of dashboard it has to offer. Therefore, it is very important to check the dashboard of the tool you are going to use for testing. The dashboard should be customizable and should use both text and charts to explain the details about your issues. It should allow you to view the issues that your manager assigns you and sort issues by their statuses such as new, fixed, closed, and so on.

 2. Test Execution Reports

Many issue tracking tools come with the added facility of automatic reports. Some tools also enable users to create reports with a single click only. Moreover, these tools also maintain a list of all previous reports. Later on, you can easily select any report from this list and view it. This helps to save a lot of time. Moreover, testers can invest their time in making the whole process more efficient and mistake free. So, always get complete know-how of the tools’ test execution report feature.

3. QA Process Availability 

Offering a complete QA process by keeping the QA team in the loop is something people generally ignore when they select a testing tool. It is very important if you want to save both time and extra efforts. Moreover, this helps to ensure a fully functional and efficient final product. Kualitee is an example of such tools that have a well-developed QA process that helps testers to complete their tasks efficiently.

4. Collaboration Among Team

Collaboration among all the members which are included in the process holds core importance in any workflow. A smooth and uninterrupted communication among the testing team, QA engineers, and developers is very important. Therefore, always choose a testing team that aids in collaboration among the team. Sending email notifications about the progress, errors, challenges, and status of the project must be one of the collaborative features of the tool. Hence, to create a collaborative environment you should never compromise on this feature. It is important for the delivery of the high-end quality product.

5. Interactive APIs

If you want to add value to your final product and, at the same time, you want the same tool that you have been using for other projects; then you must go for a tool that offers its own APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This is extremely important as this can help you to reduce the disruption that you may face to a great level. By selecting such a tool, you don’t need to worry about dumping your favorite tool. For example, Kualitee offers its very own APIs that can help you to integrate with some of the highly acclaimed tools like Redmine, JitLab, etc.


A testing team can produce high-quality and efficient results only when they know about the importance of the right kind of tools. Hence, it is a critical process to choose software testing tools. The main reason is that every project has its own specifications and domains. As long as you keep the aforementioned features in your mind, you can produce desired results. This whole critical selection of testing tools will only enable you to provide a great customer experience. Therefore, never take these features of a testing tool for granted because they can help you in more ways than you think they can.