7 Ways to Enhance Productivity Using A Software Test Management Solution

Software Test Management Solution
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  • Posted On: December 31, 2018

There are numerous software test management tools available in the market. They play an important role in enhancing the productivity of your testing procedure. Nowadays, companies are investing a huge chunk of money on testing tools to guarantee the best quality software product. This is because adopting such tool reduces the work burden of the software testers by streamlining their procedures.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting the list of seven tried and tested ways to enhance productivity using a software test management solution.

1. Checking the Process

It is advised that you must check the process to see if there are any irrelevant forms to be filled in, and any needed data capture requirements. This means spending nearly filling out ten various forms every day. Does this also happen in your team?

2. A special Communicating Tool That Simplifies the Communication Process

You must guarantee that there is a special communication tool that eases the procedure of communication amongst testers and other employees. This would assist in saving QA member time, so doesn’t have to move from the app to email developers, asking questions. In addition, there is another advantage – anyone can participate in the discussion, so a chain of command is created.

3. Setting up Growth Rules to Identify Present Situations That Must Be Dealt With

You are advised to create some growth rules within your tools to identify present situations that must be dealt with. For example, automating the sending of notification emails for high priority test cases that have not been run in a given time period. This assists team leaders to decrease the time used in manual case identification.

4. Collects Results and Time Taken to Execute the Tests

Perhaps you have to gather results and thus you are required to collect the time spent on execution also. In this situation, can you use a test management tool that gathers all of this data in one place?

5. Provide QA Engineers with All the Important Data

You should encourage people from outside the QA team to aggressively provide testers with all the important information. This encompasses the following things:

  • Developers must gather design specification in one location
  • Issues relevant to the customers must be delivered to the team

Small improvements in this field can save the time that is wasted on searching the information.

6. Create Sperate Dashboards and Reports for All Teams

It is always suggested to create different dashboards and reports for each team to fulfill the requirements of all QA engineers. The main objective is to assist testers to save time while looking for execution statistics.

7. Find the System That Replies to Your Questions Quickly

It is advised that the QA manager must find the system that immediately answers your questions.  You must simplify the procedure of allocating tasks to the other departments, communicate through forums and chat tools in order to save time.