Test Management Tools Going Mobile

Test Management Tools
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  • Posted On: January 25, 2018

There are many useful tools available for every person to manage their everyday tasks. The world is going bonkers over smart gadgets for smarter working. In short, you can get maximum done in minutes through one platform!

Similarly, for Developers and QA testers team, Test Management Tools are available to help them streamline their tasks. But, if these tools are available on smartphones, it makes the test case handling much easier and efficient.

These test management tools help developers as well as testers to abandon the old methods of testing and make routinely practices easier by using a technology-supported handy tool. This way, they can manage their regular software development and QA activities quite flexible. While they can also collaborate with the other team members without having to deal with everyone separately.

An intelligent Test Management Tool helps in efficient app development and lifecycle management projects. For added convenience, these test management tools are now offering mobile support as well.

Managing defects, tracking progress, scheduling test cases, and reporting different software development projects can now be done effortlessly by just a few taps on the smartphones.

But how can a mobile test management tool help users?

The following list of benefits shows how a Test Management Tool-going-mobile is capable of helping teams of developers and testers execute their tasks faster and better:

  • Test Case Creation

Test case creation and execution is the most beneficial feature of a test management tool. The test creation and execution dashboard allows the developers and testers schedule, design, and structure the test cases. They can also import test scenarios and test cases from third-party repositories. These test cases can also be flexibly titled just according to the requirement.

The very interactive dashboard also lets the users approve or reject the test cases.

  • Two-Way Integrations and Bug Tracking

In case, the test run detects a bug, the two-way integrations like BitBucket, Jira, and Jenkins. These integrations let the users create customized bug report right according to their convenience.

  • Single Storage for Multi-Tasking

The greatest benefit of a test management tool going mobile is the facility of managing their testing activities easily via Testers can manage their test by creating a single location for supporting the app tests and keeping the test records accordingly.

  • Reduces the test management efforts

A feature-fine mobile app can subsequently reduce the test management team’s efforts by defining stats and key metric on better the early basis. It gradually saves both time and cost and puts the focus of testers on the test management lifecycle’ core functionalities.

  • Handiest Support

Test management on mobile apps can become the handiest tool for the stuck in the rut test management teams. A cloud-based mobile app serves your test requirements with increased velocity and rapid releases without causing any further delays.

  • Bounties of VI

A cloud-based mobile app technically serves the users by means of VI that allows the resource and report sharing at any time and any place with incredibly reduced costs.

  • Accessibility/Continuity

It is the one-app-show where the users can enjoy the numerous features with flexible accessibility. The ease of access keeps your test management in a flow without causing an issue throughout the test cycle. While the integrations like Jira, Jenkins, and BitBucket on the app comes as an additional perk for the hectic project managers.

  • Internet — the only requirement

You can feel like a lightweight floating feather with a mobile app serving your test management prerequisites. Because the only thing you need is accessing the internet. You won’t have to install any plugins, cater any server requirements, prepping any setup or hardware to initiate the programming of the mobile application. With a test management mobile app, there are no more preparation woes!

  • User-friendly Interface

A nicely done UI can be an immediate help for rookie testers and even developers. The digital world demands responsiveness on every platform, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If an application is clumsy and lagging, then it’s possible that its users will make a rapid shift to another app in no time. So, chances are a test management mobile app would be liked by every IT person if it has a user-friendly interface.

Since responsiveness is the key to better customer experience!

A continuing resolution is present in the testing market and no one knows what complicated technology trend comes to amaze us next. This time, it’s the Test Management Mobile App that supports the central requirement of a test cycle.

Kualitee is an influential mobile app for test management that is serving the virtuous purpose for the frustrated test teams.

The tech-world is jumping out of the bounds, therefore, you should fasten the seatbelt tighter and control the testing ride with an incredible Test Management Tool. Now available on your mobile phone!