Integrating Kualitee into your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Continuous delivery automation
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  • Posted On: June 4, 2018

Testing is more than just a casual stroll in a park. In fact, Test projects, whether simple or complicated, demand deep analysis, and perceptiveness to assess how the end result looks like.

For that, you need some sort of assistance, such as a test management tool to simplify the whole process for you. Now, choosing from a variety of test management tools is another challenge in the process because making the right choice of tool is directly dependent on the outcome of your testing project. Rather, it can be a trial and error process in itself. Seeing the need, it is imperative to choose a tool helps you accomplish your test management tasks, straightens up other testing-related activities and lets you achieve more in less without failing.

Let’s look at Kualitee from all perspectives.  It is a super tool more like that supports not just test management but lends a hand with defect management, as well as a project management tool. The all-inclusive tool offers multiple features including powerful integrations, multiple test runs, configurable user profiles, interactive dashboard featuring the information-rich format, custom test reports, as well as customized email notifications., These are but a few to name, otherwise the features list is quite interesting to check out.

Putting it humbly, Kualitee does that none other tools in the market are capable of doing till date.

After all, a project coming to an end successfully is directly proportional to your customers being 100% satisfied. That’s the business philosophy to run things, my friend!

Kualitee and Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Continuous delivery takes care of iterative test management and develops a successful software to provide our customers valuable performance and functionality.  Nonetheless, it can be quite challenging to handle continuous delivery with the increasing number of complicated projects and swift innovations taking place in the testing ecosystem.

Kualitee understands what it takes to be market-ready to reach maximum user engagement and product distribution. That’s why the test management tool integrates with robust continuous delivery pipelines, Jenkins and Bitbucket, to boost your test management deliveries for better and quicker results.

Jenkins and Bitbucket Pipelines

Jenkins and Bitbucket Pipelines both provide the best CI and CD solutions for your software delivery processes. Integrating continuous delivery pipelines gives you the end-to-end visibility of the SDLC from development to deployment phases. The CD Pipelines let your team create sprints, test, fix, and release the test cases impeccably.

Fundamentally, you would need no CI server to install, user management to set up, or repositories to manage these powerful integrations.

These pipelines combined with Kualitee can give you a worthy user-friendly experience of test management with practically zero extra efforts!

How Does the Continuous Delivery Pipelines Work?

Commit & Build: When developers make changes to a product, they commit their code to a mutual repository. A new feature is built from the committed code and tested. CI plays a necessary role in streamlining the process of continuous delivery by automating each sprint and step after the code is built.

Deployment: After the product is tested, it is pushed to production for deploying all the changes. To ensure smooth continuous delivery, the pipelines generated should be automated to assure a consistent product delivery to the customer.

What benefits do you get with the powerful Integrations?

Following are the capabilities and benefits you get when you integrate Kualitee into your Continuous Delivery Pipelines.

  • Super-Fast Test Releases

Integrated within Kualitee, Jenkins and Bitbucket Pipelines, speed up the development and deployment cycle that facilitates developers and testers to push a new piece of software or features into production faster. This means that you can ship the product to your clients/customers quicker than ever. Be assured that Kualitee won’t let any factor hamper your test project’s success.

  • Reduced chances of risks

The ultimate goal of a continuous delivery pipeline and process is to deliver a hassle-free and less tedious experience for both QA team and customers. By releasing new features or patch updates continuously, you cut the risk of bugs showing up in production and thus can fix any found loopholes faster.

  • Cost-Effective

Integrating a continuous development model will ultimately improve time to cost value by excluding any fixed costs linked to code building and testing rectifications in the application.

  • Quality Assured Products

A major concern of executing the CD pipeline is preceding quality for speed, but this isn’t the case here. Continuous delivery influences a stronger association between developers and testers. This way, bugs are found earlier and fixed faster in the software development process. Continuously delivering important updates to your software will keep the product error-free, resulting in a satisfied customer.

  • Triggers Business Advantage

Using a continuous delivery pipeline your QA team can make hands-on changes to your software to stay ready to meet the market trends and gears. Your business will be able to make rapid alterations to the product and consequently, trigger more business advantage in the competitive marketplace.

Are you ready to take business advantage through these powerful integrations?