Kualitee-Jenkins Integration: The next Evolution in Test Management

Continuous Integration and testing with Kualitee
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  • Posted On: June 4, 2018

Software development is growing massively and providing testers a new path to walk on.

Testing is more than just setting a goal because it demands vigilance to set up a test plan which involves various QA methodologies and innovative technologies. The testing projects require a well-thought plan that involves various test management methods and CI tools. Deciding and sticking to a tool is a critical part of the whole SDLC process since it defines the progress and the future outcomes.

There is an endless trail of test management tools in the marketplace, both commercial and open source, with many among them being popular. But the truth is, not every tool is capable of meeting your test management requirements.

Kualitee is an exceptional defect management tool, project management tool, and test management tool assure a successful product delivery from all aspects.

Kualitee comes all stacked with incredible features like issue tracking, test prioritization, custom test/defect reporting, role and privilege defining, running multiple test cycles, reusing previous test cases, custom test/bug reporting, flexible user controls, enhanced security, and much more.

With the biggest concerns being shipping and releasing an error-free product, Kualitee can help you achieve your target in a hassle-free and streamlined manner

Kualitee-Jenkins Pipelines Integration

The dynamic combination of Jenkins integration speeds up the continuous delivery processes and overall, the whole test management cycle. Apart from producing productive results, the powerful Kualitee and Jenkins integration helps you enhance your position as a striving business hub in the IT industry.

Why Jenkins?

Before we answer that, we ought to tell that there is a whole lot of teamwork, discussions, and demonstrations behind the remarkable Kualitee and Jenkins integration.

Basically, Jenkins Pipelines is a remarkable CI server that automates the non-human activities during a test management process by rushing continuous integration and expediting operational aspects of continuous delivery every time a team member pushes a new code into the source repository. Moreover, its high functionality enables it to transform and adapt itself towards any programming language, test environment, and repository provided.

How does the integration benefit you?

Kualitee-Jenkin’s integration is beneficial for your testing activities in multiple ways:

  • Issues Management

The core feature you get with the rigorous integration is built-in issue management in Kualitee and deployment through Jenkins Pipelines. Team members can easily generate pipelines and manage issues against the build of the test. The pipelines allow developers and testers to classify, report, share, and sync issues in a timely manner.

  • Continuous Delivery

Jenkins Pipeline allows users to assure continuous product delivery by creating and managing complicated pipelines during the entire SDLC process. Developers deliver short sprints through pipelines and testers are notified via Kualitee soon as the sprint testing begins.  The results are autonomously released on the base app. This integration automates all the stages of pipeline delivery all the way from test build to deployment.

  • Custom Test/Defect Reports

Isn’t it convenient to have a report for every sprint released and test cycle soon as it is run? Kualitee, together with Jenkins pipelines, helps its users generate custom test and defect reports about every ongoing process. The simultaneous reporting makes the test management amazingly collaborative and functional.

  • Faster Releases

By now, it is obvious that the combination of these two powerful tools saves a whole test project from any sort of timeouts and delays. Short sprints that are delivered through continuous pipelines significantly keep the team members connected in the downstream and also maintains the workflow. This allows speedy testing, instant feedback, and thus faster releases. Subsequently, the project manager pushes the code to the live server and automated end-results are produced by the tool.

  • Instant Notifications

With the help of Jenkins pipeline, developers and testers get notifications of every process, activity, sprint, release, bug report, issue fixing, etc.

Test management has become a whole lot smoother with Kualitee-Jenkins Pipelines Integration!