Jingle Bells and New Year’s Spells: 6 New Year Testing Resolutions

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  • Posted On: December 26, 2017

New Year, New Testing!

Like everyone out there, every tester also designs some action plans to follow in the next year. But again, like everyone else, testers too can sometimes fail to implement those objectives in their testing activities.

It can be clearly observed that testing is not about old traditional testing ways anyways because there is a lot happening in the field of application development world and will continue to accelerate even more in the future. The testing race is tougher now and 2018 won’t mind forgetting you if you don’t pace up already!

Don’t feel scattered. Our Kualitee experts think that if you make the following resolutions and make sure to follow them, you will be crafting a very bright year for yourself:

A Mindmap is what you need…and follow it through!

Like we have said earlier, everyone shouts, New Year, New Me slogan at the new year’s eve, but after the very first day of the year, every resolution just blows away! Therefore, just don’t decide a resolution for the sake of having, make a mind map and follow it religiously till the year ends.

As a tester, it is crucial that you must construct a deliberate and thought-upon plan that paves successful ways for your profession as a tester.

Planning to write a testing book? Write it down. Want to attend an international level QA testers conference? Attend it. Want to start your own Entrepreneur tester journey? Go for it.

Just don’t make a decision and leave it hanging in the air.

Become more Agile in the Coming Year

Agile remained an important part of 2017 as it had been widely used and implemented in almost every IT lab. As per State of Testing Report 2017, almost 87% testers worked with Agile and Agile-like models this year. That is a number that is rising above to the sky’s limit.

Getting Blockchained This Year, Maybe?

Do you know that super-power China is planning to integrate BlockChain technology entirely in their development and security systems by 2020 (CNN)?

It’s actually happening because the technology that ramified a Bitcoin is now becoming a data decentralization ledger. It is highly expected that Blockchain will shape the development system of digital business and other important sectors like healthcare, govt., media, finance, etc.

Just so you know, mega enterprises have invested $2 Billion on Blockchain in 2017 only. It is a vivid indicator that it’s time to gear up!

Blockchain Technology is branching out Blockchain Testing for you. So, get ready to learn a new testing course, if you want to prevail with 2018’ trending tech strategies.

Get Serious about Your Autonomous Practices!

Automation and AI are working alongside and defining roles and goals for the testers and testing teams. It is something that IT teams are actually taking seriously because it is beneficial in many terms like continuous integration, speedy product delivery, QA, and productivity of a specific software development cycle.

Besides, according to a report by Practitest, 85% testers have made good use of Automation practices in 2017.

Let me tell you that Automation Testing acts as your dearie wife that does not take time to get ready (test assessment) and does not even cost you additional money on extra stuff (multiple test cases). Convinced enough?

We are sure, a witty tester would have noted down automation testing as a staunch resolution for the next year already!

Speed Vs. Quality OR Speed and Quality, both?

In this case, the choice is not yours. Because businesses are going bonkers over attaining the best customer experience and user satisfaction in their products. They often ask for multiple reviews and speedy product delivery, but that actually puts testers in a mind-shaking dilemma.

Though it is hard to maintain both speed and quality in a complicated software development project, a tester still can’t compromise one at the cost of the other.

When there are testing strategies like Parallel testing and Continuous Testing, it’s irrational if you are still troubling over speed vs. quality or speed and quality.

Make these resolutions and kick off your new year with a full swing. Good luck!

Happy New Year Testers!