Choosing The Right Test Management Tool

test management tool
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  • Posted On: December 29, 2017

Software Testing has been living a beta life for the past few years because the cyber revolution has never been a finale. For this purpose, mega enterprises are reserving money banks to get their products tested and CX approved where testing is the only help for them. The product is assessed routinely, however, checking if the test cases are correctly executed is the most critical phase of a test cycle.

In this case, a tester must accompany a productive management tool that effectively copes with the software testing requirements.

In the pursuit of happy testing, a Test Management Tool proves to be a great help in the whole process. These QA tools help in achieving agility, overcoming technical challenges, knowing the best testing practices, meeting amplified quality standards and delivering the product faster.

Finally, if you have decided to choose a Test Management Tool for your testing activities, it does get tricky to select one from different options available in the market.  Don’t panic, we can help you there!

Before moving ahead towards the detailed tips, here is granny advice for you: keep your budget on priority and know what your test cycle requires specifically.

Here are 5 aspects to help you choose a test management tool:

Will it improve Productivity?

Ask this question before going for a particular QA tool. If it improves the overall productivity of software then it’s good to go for; otherwise, it’s a big NO.

It is acceptable that testing teams are going through a challenging technological revolution while performing test cases on multiple platforms is another part of the drill. In such predicament, how can a tester compromise on productivity?

A capable testing tool helps to achieve efficiency through areas like test management, release management, documentation, test planning, execution, detecting defects origins, bug reporting, linking stories while role customization saves from time consumption and eventually increases productivity.


Agile and DevOps are the new buzzing development trends that focus on the relative and cross-sectional exchange of ideas existing in teamwork. In simple words, it is vital for a testing team to cultivate a testing culture that follows teamwork as some sacred ritual. Therefore, it is essential for any QA tool you choose to be highly Agile Friendly. It should create stories, velocity charts, and bug reports, decide roles, schedule test cases, do sprint backlog planning and definitely, follow a scrum workflow.

Flexible for Outside Repositories

A testing tool should be adaptive and flexible towards any external integrations like Jira, Jenkins, and BitBucket. It divides the workload, while implementation of end-to-end testing gets easier. It should also critically support API of other repositories.

Responsive Test Management Tool? Yes!

No wonder if a QA tool is web-based it becomes convenient for use on any third medium source, whether it is a mobile, a tablet or your PC’s screen. It is about a responsive testing tool that is capable of providing all the features on any platform it is accessed on.

If a particular QA tool has its own mobile application that is compatible with all mobile devices and its OS, locations, accelerometers, gestures, sensors, and detailed orientations then there is no way back to look for other choices.

How Budget-friendly is the pricing?

No matter what it is, cost matters! Similar is the case when selecting a tool or a software application, the cost factor should not be overlooked while selecting a test management tool. This involves taking into consideration not only the upfront amount it charges at the time of purchase, but also the training, implementation, and maintenance costs.

The time when testers used to get assistance from spreadsheets has gone because the ever-increasing testing trends require an effortless method to organize the testing scenarios entirely.   So, keep all the aforementioned aspects in view and wisely choose a Test Management Tool for you!

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