Top 5 Technology Trends That Will Require Rigorous Software Testing in 2018

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  • Posted On: January 10, 2018

To stay ahead in the game of rising technology, it is crucial that technologists enhance their skills by adopting upcoming technological trends. These new trends are mostly based on cognitive systems and Big Data resources. With everything going mobile, major enterprises are making huge investments to achieve the best CX and continuous product delivery.

No matter if it is visual cloud computing, VI/AI, Machine Learning, or any other rising technology in the framework, a QA tester cannot just surpass it until he is not in touch with the latest software testing trends.

Technology Tilt

Technology is going through a continuous shift of new strategies and techniques to meet the rising demand for testing and QA. Enterprises will largely move towards the business models and intelligent devices to reach the QA parameters.

Technology will bring an enormous revolution that will interlink people and devices across extensive technical frameworks. This convergence indicates that several inventive technology trends approaching in the coming year 2018.

Continue reading if you are curious to know the top 5 tech trends that will require rigorous software testing in 2018:

User Experience – The Main Goal

Mega level enterprises are greatly investing in software testing to achieve the best UX strategy.. Because all the struggle will just be in vain if it does not match the customer’s requirements.

Testers will frequently use techniques like user journey testing, end-to-end testing, and will keenly focus on their users’ personality traits.

The quality standard and user interface experience will become the highest priority for every major organization.

AI, IoT, and Big Data – Some Big Names of the Future

By now, every tester is aware that each product or service is getting virtually enriched with techniques like AI, IoT, and Big Data for the better. Artificial Intelligence will be the focused battleground for IT in almost every sector. These technologies are highly expected to amplify the sustainability models, algorithm, training solutions, and repositioning of the testing cultures.

These technologies are all about working together in a team, rather than in silos. This is how the next-generation testers will be able to save themselves from the testing hassle!

Intellectual API

Applications have become the easiest way to present a business’s identity sooner than thought. In the coming years, the API cycles will substantially incorporate the smart AI for fluent testing processes throughout. These intellectual apps will provide a bridge for service providers and users to understand the system as well as its infrastructure. The upcoming API revolution will augment human activity, but won’t replace it. This is how you virtually enjoy the new tech creations!

Machine Learning

Machine Learning or ML is the latest technology trend for software testing that is rising gradually, but will expectedly take over 2018. ML has the ability to minimize huge data records, manage complicated information, and assure complicated delivery results. The reason it will grow faster in the future is that every IT team is focusing on improving the hardware performance, streamlining algorithms, and managing extensive yet aligned databases at the moment.

The business sector will greatly rely on Machine Learning to achieve the desired testing and QA results since ML will be a robust strategy for fraud detection, ending clingy tasks in the real-time and getting beneficial feedback.


It is rising as the exclusive digital information distributor. The ledger distributor records new transactions and verifies them from the previously recorded versions. Its decentralized nature will serve business startups or those companies who do not want to rebuild their system’s infrastructure. Blockchain technology is a no hope sign for cyber attackers!

All the aforementioned technology trends can be combined together with a couple of other techniques and a bombing IT product will come in shape in the end. This tech blitz is about to boom in the next year 2018.