How Software Build Management Drives Quality

software build management
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  • Posted On: September 11, 2023

Many software developers pride themselves on the fact that they can manually manage dependencies and builds in their development processes. However, this may be rather cumbersome and lead to mistakes, regardless of how good you may be at it.

Proper build management can help keep track of everything and prevent any issues in the long run. In this article, you will find out how good software build management can help brands drive quality, allowing them to release a top-tier product.

What is Software Build Management?

Software build management deals with collecting every asset included in a product release. It performs every automated task meant to compile the system, creates, and tests it before deploying it into development. This way, it may be tested before it is set for staging.

Without good build management in place, development may be rather troublesome. The right tool can help simplify the process, making it easier for you to handle potential changes. So, by the time the software reaches the release point, it will offer even better quality to the customer.

How Quality is Driven?

There are several ways in which this process can help you drive quality. This may include:

Tracks Changes

During build management, each change will be neatly recorded and organized within a document. This allows you to track which revisions or files were changed, associating them with when the problem started in the first place. This can help you determine what caused the failure to occur.

Links Bugs and Test Runs

Software build management allows you to connect test runs to a certain build in an attempt to find bugs. This way, you should be able to see which test was featured in a code and whether there were any failures or not. Many builds are connected, so tracking and resolving the issue while it’s still contained can help improve the quality of the code.

Orchestrated Test Execution

With build management, you can specify which test needs to be executed during a specific code. This will automate their execution, as the system will pick it up from the spreadsheet. This will make it easier for you to find any issues before the build gets released.

Retained History

The good news is that build management for software keeps track of all the modifications and errors that occurred in the past. This makes it easier for you to track a glitch straight through its source, especially if it already formed a pattern. This will make it easier for you to prevent issues in the long run, as you will already know what to expect.

The Bottom Line

Software build management can help you drive quality by catching a potential glitch in its initial stage. It allows you to perform tests on the codes based on previous data, saving time on the execution while improving the final result. With proper build management, you will ascertain that a program is bug-free before it reaches the staging point and your customers.