Kualitee vs. Test Monitor

Choose the right tool for your team

Choosing the right testing tool from a variety of options is not always easy. The main challenge for software development and QA teams is to be able to keep track of all their requirements, so that they can easily plan, execute and report test cases. Although Test Monitor provides necessary test management features, it lacks functions that can improve a user’s experience. Below is a useful checklist of features that can help you evaluate whether to opt for Kualitee or Test Monitor.

Requirement management
E2E Traceability
Issue Tracking
Test case management
Security certifications – ISO27001, SOC1/2, GDPR
Mobile app
A/B Testing
Calendar management
Test Automation
24/7 Live Support
Reporting / Analytics
Test Tracking
Collaboration Tools
Test cases export
Kualitee offers several options that Test Monitor doesn't - including Mobile App, Webhook, and Test Cases Export.


Issue Tracking

Kualitee allows testers to track any possible issues or defects using information rich format and the interactive dashboard. These defects, also associated with the referenced test cases, can easily be tracked back and forth within the cycles.

Kualitee Mobile App

Kualitee offers its own mobile app to help testers manage their testing activities smoothly, without any hindrances. With the app, you can view test projects on the Dashboard, make changes, approve/disapprove test cases, and reproduce bugs the same way as you would in the web version.

Test Case Management tool

Kualitee facilitates development and execution of end-to-end test plans and test cases. You can re-use test cases to run multiple regression cycles, depending on the need. The customizable controls allow you to create test reports, attach templates, and save your files in whatever format you desire.


Kualitee integrates with powerful CI tools including JIRA, Jenkins, Redmine and BitBucket Pipelines. These collaborations further support Kualitee in agile bug reporting, proper test execution, as well as an accurate product release.